North Baltimore, Ohio

May 28, 2023 3:57 pm

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NB Swimming Pool Filling Update 2015

from Donna Dettling, Village Administrator

Any North Baltimore, resident wanting to use village water to initially fill a swimming pool; may contact the Village Office (419-257-2394) to have the Water Department install a temporary meter.

This meter will be connected to the resident’s outside faucet to measure the amount of water used to fill the pool.  The amount of water metered will be recorded and turned over to the Utility Billing Clerk.

There will be a sewer charge adjustment on the amount metered on the next Monthly Billing.

Please notify the Village Office (419-257-2394) at least twenty-four hours in advance to allow proper scheduling of water department personnel.  Requests received on week-ends or holidays will be addressed on the next regular business day.

There is a 1,000 gallon minimum for this service.

One Response

  1. It will probably be cheaper for residents to have a company haul the water in rather than filling it up from your outside faucet. The water rates in town are still ridiculous. But it is okay, the village is offering to place a temporary water meter on your faucet for FREE…. Thanks a lot Village Of North Baltimore (sarcasm)

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