Troop 315 February Newsletter
A few newsletters ago,  I talked about a possible meeting date change due to my absence , however, It looks like we will not need to do so.  My availability will be back to normal as of March 10th and the other leaders have Camp Alaska training taken care of;  Thank you Tim, Frank, Joe and Billy. This will take care of program at the meetings til then.  I will also be able to attend half of Miakonda camp but won’t be able to attend Camp Alaska.  The other leaders have stepped up to handle it; Once again,  Thank You
Winter Klondike  at Camp Berry was quite the event.  Even though the roads were bad that weekend,  Our troop had a lot of winter fun during the competition with first aid, lashings, gold mining during the day,  and then outdoor snow fun in the evening.  I’ve included pics from camp just to show  parents that boys can have fun while not being in front of a video game or smart phone.  Also ,, the cabin was a great warming spot in between activities with its wood burning stove.  Our next camp will be the same format at Miakonda
Winter Camp Feb 1-3
We will leave the scouthouse at 6:30pm Friday night to head to Camp Miakonda in Toledo.  Cost is $10.00 , Pack your class A shirt for closing campfire as well as sleeping bag, pillow, winter clothes (Boots, hats, gloves)  Please . don’t forget your mess kits,  several scouts forgot them at Camp Berry so I need to keep reminding.  Below is the grocery list for the event;  Please bring all items on Friday .  We will return to N.B. around 9:30am Sunday.  I’ve heard from parents that some scouts are falling asleep in church that day.  We will try to get them to bed at a descent time Sat night. 
4 boxes lasagna noodles(EAKAEN) 
3 jars spaghetti sauce(VANLERBERG) 
2 32 oz bag mozerella cheese(BILLY) 
2 tubs ricotta cheese(LIVINGSTON) 
3 lbs ground beef browned and bagged(CARY) 
6 Pilsbury grands biscuits tubes (baked and bagged)(CLAYTON/MALONEY)
Sausage Gravy  (BOES )
4 gal Choco milk (BOES)Chips (BOES) 
2 bags sugar(VANLERBERG)
8 same flavor Kool aid packets(TROUT)
5 bags asst mini doughnuts(KIMMEL)
8 8 pak hamburger buns(TROUT)
Shredded Chicken Sandwich spread(COUP)
Court of Honor  February 13
Wednesday , February 13, at American Legion  7:00pm… We will hold our semi annual Court of Honor to recognize scouts camps, ranks, merit badges.  Families are invited and have scouts wear their full Class A uniform to the event.  There will also be a Friends of Scouting presentation as well.
Camp Alaska  March 1-3
After Miakonda camp.  Our meetings will teach the scouts how to survive 24 hours in the winter by building shelters, campfire, and cooking their own meals.  The meetings leading up will  cover,  layering clothing,  building at good survival shelter,  foods and fire.  Please have scouts attend to ensure they are prepared to handle this out doo camp. 
Ad Alteri Dei Scouts
I am working on a Board of Review date to finalize your religious training.  I’ve spoken with the Diocese of Toledo to ensure we can arrange to receive all the medals so hang tight for an update on the date and time.  Please make sure your workbook is complete and ready for review. 
Summer Camp info
I try and stress the upcoming Summer camp costs and payments options.   This year camp will cost $295.00 per scout if paid by May 1st.  $315.00 after.  I’ll need a few days ahead of that to make sure I can get the funds in on time so parents deadline is April 28.    We are going to Camp Frontier in Pioneer Ohio on June 16 thru 22.   Forward think gives all parents time to pre plan and set funds aside for this troop event  and the highlight of all scouts each year.    Parents often choose to use scout accounts,  make payments up to the date, or just pay the full amount by the deadline or even the ..non early bird amount, after.
We try and encourage all our troop to participate in resident camp.  So.. pre plan accordingly and you will be hearing reminders each month to give all parents to opportunity to get ready for summer.  Physicals and merit badge sign up reminders will start in March
Scout Accounts
Your scout’s account’s are up to date.  Email me if you need a balance update. 
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”  reminds me of Isaiah B.
Shawn Benjamin – Scoutmaster