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NB Village Admin Report – August 1

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator
Date: August 1, 2017
Re: Village Administrator Report

1. Meeting Review

• June 13 – NB Safety Chiefs Meeting @ 4:30pm Village Hall
• July 10 – Tree Commission Meeting at Village Hall 6:00pm
• July 12 – Village Staff Meeting at Village Hall 8:00am
• July 20 – Wood County Economic Development Lunch @ Am. Legion NOON
• July 29 – North Baltimore Good Old Summertime Festival

2. Upcoming Meetings:
• Aug 1 – Village Council Meeting at Village Hall 7:00pm
• Aug 3 – Briar Hill Advisory Board Meeting @ Noon at Briar Hill
• Aug 8 – Chief’s Meeting at Village Hall @ 4:30
• Aug 8 – Committee of the Whole Meeting @ 5:30 at Village Hall

3. Main Street Corridor – We are ready to get to work on Phase II of the downtown waterline replacement project. A Resolution 09-2017 will be introduced tonight to enter into an agreement with the Ohio Public Works Commission for the $132,808 we will be receiving for this project. This is an exciting time in the village as we replace 100+ year old infrastructure. We understand it can be inconvenient to have the downtown torn up for any amount of time and that businesses can become frustrated during this time. We apologize for this inconvenience and will keep businesses and citizens informed on the schedule of this next phase of downtown work.

4. LMI Survey – Poggemeyer has confirmed that the village has 6 months from the date (6-5-17) we initiated the LMI survey to obtain the results. We need 348 completed surveys and as of last week Poggemeyer had only received 122. As a result of our discussion at last month’s COTW meeting we have been asking all citizens who stop in the village office to pay water bills to complete a survey. We also have a plan to canvass Eagle Landing, the Poe Road Apartments, and Westhaven going door to door during the evening hours to obtain completed surveys later this month. If we still have not reached the 348 goal, we will plan to attend the sports and extra-curricular activities at the schools and try to reach citizens to complete the survey there.

5. Hazard Trees – Ashcraft has finished the hazard tree list for 2017 and 18 hazardous trees were removed with stumps ground out from village boulevards throughout town. Any citizen with concerns about a potential hazardous tree should call the Village Office to have it evaluated.

6. Zoning Reminders – we have several issues with property lines and fences or sheds. The village is not able to do property surveys. If both neighbors are not in agreement over where the property lines are, it is required that they complete a survey at the owner’s expense. The village does not do surveying and if one neighbor puts up a fence or other addition and it infringes on the other’s property because there was not a survey… that could become an issue for the courts. To save everyone much trouble please, if property lines are disputed, please have a professional survey completed. It will save everyone time, head and hassle.

7. Dispatch Opening – We have been notified that one of our dispatchers has been given a conditional offer of employment with a government agency and we will need to begin the hiring process to fill this position. We have many qualified auxiliary members as well as several college interns who have worked with us and are familiar with our operation.

Proposed Motion- to begin the hiring process for a dispatcher to fill anticipated opening and advertise this opening.

8. Water Tower – Many years ago the village saw the need for a centralized location for a new water tower and purchased the East Water Street property just north of the American Legion in order to build a new water tower. The village was nominated last spring for a 0% interest loan for the planning stage of the new tower build from the Drinking Water Assistance Fund. We recently received word that we were selected as one of the communities awarded and appearing on the Drinking Water Assistance Fund’s Intended Project List for Program Year 2018. This will allow the village to obtain a 0% interest loan on money we would borrow to fund the planning and design portion of the water tower build. The estimated cost of the planning and design is approximately $95,000. The entire Water Tower Build Project is estimated at $1.4 million.

Proposed Motion- to authorize the village administrator to work with Poggemeyer Design Group on the planning/design of a new Water Tower.

9. Rowlinson Easement Issue- The village was contacted by residents who wished to build a new home in the Dold Subdivision. Currently there is an easement which contains the village storm sewer running through the property. These residents wish to pay to have the storm sewer re-routed around their property. They hired Poggemeyer Design Group to engineer the project and all expenses will be paid by these residents. The village will incur no costs for this project. North Baltimore Planning Commission will be meeting immediately prior to the council meeting on August 1, 2017 to hear this issue. If the Planning Commission approves the residents plan to re-route the village storm sewer at no expense to the village, then this issue will be brought to council to vote on. More information will be presented at the council meeting.

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