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September 30, 2023 8:13 am

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NB Village Administrator Report – Dec. 16

North Baltimore Village Administrator Report – December 16, 2014, Donna Dettling

  1. Meeting Review
  • December 1st – Review Stormwater Proposal with Peterman re: Drainage area on SR18
  • December 3rd – E.D. 101 Workshop
  • December 4th – WCEDC Holiday Reception
  • December 4th– ZBA Meeting
  • December 9th – Committee of the Whole
  • December 10th – Interviews (3)
  • December 11th – Interview (1)
  • December 12th – Interview (1)
  • December 12th – Meet with Benefit Strategies  re: Alternate HC Plans
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  • December 16th – Emergency Management Workshop
  • December 17th – Jones & Henry re: WWTP Headworks Project
  • December 23rd–  Planning Commission Meeting
  • January 8th – Stephanie Miller re: Tree Plan
  • January 12th – Tree Commission Meeting 
  1. Railroad Overpass Stakeholder Meeting. The Transportation Planning group at TMACOG has agreed to work with us to hold a Stakeholder meeting in North Baltimore.  TMACOG will provide several dates and times in January and February for the meeting, which I will coordinate with Council as well as other stakeholders.  TMACOG confirmed that the 2045 Long Range Plan includes an item that reads as follows: Find a solution to blocked CSX rail crossings in North Baltimore, possible grade separation – pedestrian bridge – advanced warning signals for blocked crossing (if alternate route exists). 
  1. Staff Training. I am working with one of the MPA Interns that has experience conducting training to pull together several training programs for staff; full-time, part-time, elected, appointed and volunteers. We’ll tie the programs back to our Personnel Policy Manual (PPM) and document training with acknowledgement forms that are filed in personnel files.  The sections of the PPM that we’re looking into include:  2.03 Discriminatory Harassment, 7.1 Ethics of Public Employment, 7.05 Drug Free Workplace, 7.08 Work place violence. 
  1. Auditor of State Special AuditIncluded with my report is a letter received from the State Auditor formally notifying the Village of North Baltimore that the Auditor of the State is initiating a special audit.  At this time we have no evidence that funds are missing; and this audit is a result of proactive steps being taken to improve the handling of deposits, when concerns were discovered during staff training with the Local Government Services Section.  An Entrance Conference is scheduled with the Auditor of the State and during this conference we will receive an estimate of the how long they believe the audit will take and how much it will cost.  At a future meeting; Council will be presented with legislation to enter into an agreement with the Auditor of the State to complete the audit.
  1. Sewer Lateral Replacements PIII received an update from Helm’s on the sewer lateral replacements.  There are 24 laterals on the list, and St. James UMC is one of them.  Helm’s is in town completing this work, and they plan to have it wrapped up before the end of the year. 
  1. Radio Meter Read UpgradeI have additional research and verification of bidding requirements for this project before a cost summary presenting funding options and a project timeline can be completed.  This should be ready for review at the first meeting in January. 
  1. Forfeited Land Sale. The County Auditor conducted a Forfeited Land Sale on December 3, 2014 and the 13 parcels that comprise the Johnson Rubber Company property were sold.  Jay Baltz purchased lot 187 for $3,400 and Chris Bates purchased the other twelve lots for $650. 
  1. Capital Purchases Review. Provided with my report is an updated Capital Purchases memo and worksheet. This is a continuation of the discussion of our Fiscal Sustainability Goal and there is no formal action needed at this time.  
  1. Holiday Hours. To offer a practical Christmas break for staff, we will be working Wednesday, Christmas Eve and take Thursday Christmas Day and Friday the 26th for our Christmas break.

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