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NB Village Administrator Report – June 7

North Baltimore Village Administrator Allyson Murray, submitted the following report to village council, June 7, 2016.

1. Meeting Review

• May 17 – Meeting with Poggemeyer Design Group
• May 17 – Village Council Meeting @ 7:00pm
• May 18 – Wood County Economic Development Luncheon @ Legion at noon
• May 21 – Public Safety Day Event from 9:00-5:00 downtown (see flyer)
• May 23 – Meeting with Henry Township @ 6:00pm
• May 24 – Meeting with Meeder Investments @ Village Hall 10:00am
• May 24 – Special Council Meeting @ 5:45 pm
• May 25 – Meeting with Peterman & Helms on Roof @ 9:45 am
• May 25 – Wood County Mayors’ & Manager’s Meeting @ Luckey Legion 6:00pm
• May 26 – Meeting on Main St. Waterline with Poggemeyer @ 2:00pm
• May 30 – Memorial Day Event at Maplegrove Cemetery @ 9:00am
• June 1 – NatureWorks Grant due by 5:00pm
• June 1 – Meeting with Helms on Roof @ 11:00am
• June 1 – Meeting with Frontier Phone Service @ 11:00am
• June 1 – Meeting with New Prospective Business @ 11:30 am
• June 2 – Meeting with Property Owner @ 9:00am
• June 3 – TIPP Funding Application due
• June 3 – Meeting with Northwest Water & Sewer on Tie-In Project @ 8:00am

2. Upcoming Meetings:

• June 6 – Meeting with Columbia Gas @ Pump Station
• June 6 – TIPP Monitoring Meeting in BG at ODOT Office @ 11:30am
• June 6 – Bid Opening for Sludge Removal @ 2:00pm
• June 7 – Village Council Meeting at 7:00pm
• June 8 – Grant Writing Workshop 10:00am-4:00pm Fallen Timbers Visitors Center
• June 8 – Meeting with North Baltimore Garden Club @ 5:00pm
• June 9 – Meeting with Poggemeyer @ 4:00pm at village office
• June 14 – Committee of the Whole Meeting @ 5:45pm
• June 14 – Safety Drill with are Fire Divisions and CSX @ CSX

3. Wastewater Plant Headwork’s Project. The doghouse demolition has taken place. They are preparing for by-pass pumping, and the foundation for the new lab building has been poured and electrical work will come next.
4. Municipal Building Roof Update – Work began on the roof last week and it was discovered that the interior brick wall that separated the police department from the municipal building was damaged and unable to sustain the load to hold the new roof. An emergency design change was developed by Peterman that resulted in additional costs (exact amounts will be provided at the council meeting 6/7)

Proposed Motion: Recommendation to authorize change order for costs associated with structural damage of the load barring wall for the Municipal Roof Project. Costs are __________________.
5. Mower Update – The 2 new mowers were delivered the week of May 26 and are in use at this time. The Department of Public Works employees are thrilled with the new mowers.
6. Swearing in of Part-Time Police Officer – Mr. Phil Walters from the village will be sworn in at Tuesday night’s meeting as North Baltimore’s newest part time police officer. Mr. Walters is a former employee of the village and has more than 20 years’ experience in safety services. Join us in welcoming him back as one of our employees.
7. Main Street Corridor – The village applied for the next round of TIPP Funding by submitting our application on Friday June 3, 2016. I will be meeting with Lance Dasher the Transportation Planner from TMACOG on Monday June 6, 2016 at the ODOT Office in BG to ensure that North Baltimore continues on the list of communities seeking funding for our downtown projects.
8. Update on 2016 Tree Removal Project –Ashcraft Tree Service has begun working on the hazard tree removal throughout the village. The contract states that all trees will be removed prior to August 1, 2016 and that no work will be done Saturday July 30, 2016 during Good Old Summertime Festival. If citizens have questions regarding tree removal please contact the village office.

9. Update on 2016 Street / Alley Paving Project – Updates will be provided at the council meeting on the paving project once I have heard from Henry Township in regards to the Quarry Road section of the paving plan. I should have new information by meeting time Tuesday June 7, 2016.
10. Village Submitted CDBG Application – the Village submitted an application to the county for the next round of CDBG funding to update our Little League Concession Stand Restrooms at the Village Park to ADA compliant Restrooms to allow easier access for all visitors to the park.

11. Application to Natureworks –The village wishes to improve some sections of our village park. We worked with Poggemeyer Design Group to apply for grant funding to repair the basketball and tennis court areas at the Village Park. This application for the NatureWorks Grant was submitted Wednesday June 1, 2016.

While investigating possible projects at the village park we identified the possibility of paving the walking trail around the pond. This would enhance the walking trail area and make it ADA accessible. The estimate we obtained was too high to be considered for the NatureWorks Grant but we are currently looking for other grant opportunities to explore funding this project.

Proposed Motion: Recommendation to authorize Village Administrator to investigate other
grant opportunities for funding a paving project to enhance the walking trail at the pond.
12. Update on Northwest Water & Sewer Tie In – The village met with Northwest Water & Sewer District on Friday June 3, 2016 for a pre-construction meeting on the tie-in to the village sewer collection system. This tie-in is to the village SANITARY SEWER so the flow from the area surrounding CSX can be treated at our waste water treatment plant. There have been some members of the public that are concerned that this project would cause issues for the storm sewer. Thanks to the sewer separation project that is not a worry at this time.

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