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NB Village Administrator Report – May 1 2018

May 1, 2018
North Baltimore, Ohio
Village Administrator Report
Allyson Murray, Village Administrator

1. Meeting Review

• Mar 30 – Meeting with CES Engineering at Village Office at 9:30am
• Apr 17 – Village Council Meeting at 5:30pm at Village Hall
• Apr 17 – RCAP Training Seminar in Alliance Ohio 8:00am-4:00pm
• Apr 18 – Tree City USA Awards Luncheon in Upper Sandusky Ohio 9:00-3:00
• Apr 18 – RCAP Training Seminar in Alliance Ohio 8:00am-4:00pm
• Apr 23 – Pesticide Exam for DPW Workers OSU Extension in BG 1:00pm

2. Upcoming Meetings:

• Apr 30 – Wood County Opioid Crisis Awareness Program 8:00am-3:00pm Maumee
• Apr 30 – North Baltimore Planning Commission Meeting @ 5:30pm Village Hall
• May 1 – Wood County Safety Council Meeting @ 7:30am Wood County Hospital
• May 1 – North Baltimore Village Council Meeting @ 5:30pm Village Hall

3. Neighborhood Revitalization Grant– Village Administration and staff met on Tuesday April 24 to discussion all options that the citizens listed as projects they felt were needed in the community should we be awarded the grant. This was not an easy task, and several hours were spent evaluating each project. The village needs to identify no less than 3 and no more than 4 projects they would like to include in the final grant application. We are aiming for projects to equal close to $450,000 that will make an impact in the community. Ordinance #2018- 12 is on the agenda tonight for an emergency reading so we can get the application in to the county and state before the deadline.

4. Community Development Block Grant Application- The Village is eligible every 2 years to submit an application for a Community Development Block Grant. Each county in the state received a specified amount of grant money to be distributed to selected projects. The village would like to submit an application for ADA parking spots at each shelter house location in the Village Park. This project was identified as part of the NRG possible projects and due to its impact on accessibility in our park it is a good candidate for CDBG funding. We also had several citizens speak on the need for handicapped accessible parking near the shelter houses in the park at our public meetings for NRG.

The estimated cost of the project follows;

The Village would be responsible for 25% match or approximately $4000. The monies would come from the Park Fund 204 which has the following;

Beginning balance: 52,942.97
GF transfer: 38,500.00
Total 2018 funds avail: 91,442.97

If council wishes to pursue this project and provide ADA/Handicapped Accessible Parking spaces in front of each shelter house in the village park, we will need to pass Ordinance # 2018-13 as an emergency tonight so that we can get our application in by the May 15 deadline.

5. AEP Request for Easement– Ohio Power, a unit of American Electric Power has approached the village requesting an easement through village owned property located north of the railroad tracks and east of Poe Road. The information on this request is included in the council packet.

6. Financial Officer Posting –We said good-bye last Friday April 27, 2018 to Chris Kirk our financial officer since 2012 and we have advertised in The Courier, The Sentinel-Tribune, BGSU Career Center, Owens Community College Career Center and Ohiomeansjobs.com. The deadline for applications is May 4, 2018 at 4:00pm and any interested parties should sent a resume to amurray@northbaltimore.net

7. CSP Tax Abatement – Continental Structural Plastics plant in North Baltimore has announced a thirty million dollar expansion project and the creation of 100 new additional jobs at the North Baltimore facility. Wade Gottschalk, the director of Wood County Economic Development will be at the council meeting on May 1, 2018 to talk to council about the tax abatement being offered to Continental Structural Plastics for this expansion. This is wonderful news for the North Baltimore community and wish to support this expansion. Ordinance #2018-14 to accept this agreement will be on the agenda for an emergency reading Tuesday night.

8. CSP Request for Zoning Change – Continental Structural Plastics has filed a “request for change of zoning application” with the village. Due to some oversight at some date many decades ago the northern most portion of the CSP property is zoned R-2 Medium Density Residential and the rest of the property is zoned M-2 General Industrial. Obviously it makes sense that the entire property should be zoned M-2 General Industrial. In order to make that change, a request for change of zoning application was presented to the North Baltimore Village Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will meet on Monday April 30, 2018 at 5:30pm at which time I am anticipating them accepting the request for change of zoning application for CSP and forwarding it council to be heard at the council meeting on May 1, 2018.

Ordinance 2018-11 is on the council agenda for a first reading to begin the process of changing the zoning to the corrected M-2 General Industrial designation. Any zoning change must have all three readings and also hold a public meeting to address any concerns from neighboring property owners. The public meeting for the CSP zoning change is scheduled for Tuesday June 5, 2018 at 5:00pm. The council will have the opportunity at this meeting to hear any issues the public may bring forth with regard to changing the zoning at the CSP property. Immediately following the public hearing the council will meet in the regularly scheduled council meeting and can have the third reading on Ordinance # 2018-11 to change the zoning to M-2 General Industrial.

The application and map of the proposed property and change is included in the council packet.

9. Henry Township Paving Request – In June of 2017 Henry Township approached the village wishing to pave Quarry Road and asking that the village work with them to get this accomplished since half of Quarry Road is within the village limits. No action was taken on this issue since Henry Township was unable to get bidders on the project within the estimates they anticipated at that time.

Henry Township reached out to me last week with a request to work with them to pave Quarry Road and Mitchell Road this year. The estimates on the costs associated with this are included in the council packet. More discussion will take place on this subject at the May COTW meeting on May 8, 2018.

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