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NB Village Administrator Report Sept. 4, 2018

Allyson Murray

Allyson Murray, Village Administrator

Village Administrator Report – September 4, 2018

  1. Meeting Review
  • Aug 6 –  North Baltimore Planning Commission Meeting at 5:30pm at Village Hall
  • Aug 7 –  Wood County Safety Council Meeting @ 7:30am at Wood Co. Hospital
  • Aug 7 –  North Baltimore Village Council Meeting at 5:30pm @ Village Hall
  • Aug 9 –  Safety Lunch for NB Employees at Village Park @ noon
  • Aug 14 – North Baltimore Village Council Committee of the Whole Meeting, 5:30
  • Aug 17 – Meeting with Civil Engineering Solutions @ Village Hall at 9:00am
  • Aug 20 – Meeting on TIP funding at TMACOG at noon
  • Aug 22 – Meeting with Infintech for online utilities and fine payments 11:00am
  • Aug 27 – Meeting with Intech on computer upgrade 10am
  • Aug 28 – Wood County Safety Council Steering Committee Meeting @BG 2:30pm
  • Aug 29 – Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting at 5:30pm Village Hall
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  • Sept 4 – Wood County Safety Council Monthly Meeting @ BG Hospital 7:30am
  • Sept 4 – North Baltimore Village Council Meeting at Village Hall @ 5:30pm
  • Sept 10 – Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing at 5:30pm at Village Hall
  • Sept 11- Wood County Safety Council at Sheriff Office 7:30am
  • Sept 11 – North Baltimore Village Committee of the Whole Meeting 5:30pm
  • Sept 12 – OPWC Selection Committee Work Session BG Courthouse 1:00-4:00pm
  • Sept 18 – North Baltimore Village Council Meeting at Village Hall @ 5:30pm
  • Sept 20 – OPWC Selection Committee Nomination for Funding Meeting 1:00pm
  • Sept 21 – Powell School students visit the Village Hall 9:00am
  • Sept 21 – NB Chamber Golf Outing at Birch Run Golf Club @ 10:00am


  1. Police Cruiser Options – The village has moved forward with outfitting the pick-up truck for use as a police cruiser. We have also begun the initial paperwork for a USDA loan in 2019 and are looking at other vehicles and equipment that may need to be replaced to be included in this loan application.  The money that was budgeted for a cruiser in 2018 will be moved into the 2019 budget.


  1. Police Chief Opening We were open to receive resumes up until the close of business on Friday August 31, 2018 for those individuals who are currently employed in the NB police department. At the time this report was written, we had only received 1 resume to be considered for police chief.  We look for more to come in later today.  The Mayor hopes to schedule interviews in the next few weeks.


  1. SRO Contract Ordinance #2018-21 was introduced at the council meeting on July 3, 2018 to enter into a contract with North Baltimore Schools to provide a School Resource Officer. The school pays the village one half of the SRO yearly salary.  The SRO agreement has been in effect with the school district for several years now and is a win-win for the village and school.  This ordinance will have its third reading on September 4, 2018.


  1. Ordinance # 2018 -40 Purchase of Roll Off Liners – The purchasing policy states that the Administrator can only authorize purchases of up to $3,000 without council approval. At the last council meeting we discussed that even though items are in the budget and council approves the budget, any purchase over $3,000 must be approved again by council to ensure that those monies are still what council wishes to spend that appropriation on.  Public Utilities Superintendent Brian Roberts needs to purchase roll off liners are part of the sludge press process at the wastewater treatment plant.  These liners are approximately $3,200 and they are in his 2018 budget for wastewater.  However, because of the terms of the purchasing policy it is now necessary to have council approve this purchase even though it is in the current budget.  Roberts needs these items right away so we are asking that this ordinance be passed as an emergency.  Ordinance 2018-40 is on the agenda and is needed as an emergency.


  1. Street Inventory – At a previous council meeting I introduced the idea of the village securing financing through a loan to repair a bulk of the village streets and then utilize the street levy revenue monies we receive yearly to pay the loan payment.   I am in the process of totaling the estimated cost to the village if we were to repair all the roads that will not need to have waterlines replaced in the near future.  We will discuss this topic at the COTW meeting on September 11, 2018 giving the council members time to investigate the streets and proposed program.


  1. Bill Pay Options – We met with Mark Morgan from Infintech on Wednesday August 22, 2018 in regard to options for North Baltimore to provide an option for online bill payments through our website. Several options were discussed, and we are in the process of obtaining more information on specific costs involved.  This company was recommended by CMI our software provider and they also have an option for payment of Mayor’s Court fines online.  We will also be reaching out to our bank to see what options they may have.  Look for more detailed information on this at an upcoming council meeting.


  1. Night Drop Box – The village has experienced several incidents in which customers have expressed they put their water bill payment in the drop box but, the village did not receive them. We reworked the opening on the night drop box back in 2016 but had yet another incident a few weeks ago.  It is best that customers do not place CASH in the night drop box.  The village cannot be responsible for citizens who place cash in the drop box.


  1. Computer Updates – The village is in need of computer upgrades that will cost an estimated $11,500. At a previous council meeting, council passed ordinance 2018-35 which authorized our Finance Officer to enter into an agreement with Intech to order and install the needed upgrade.  The Mayor and I met with Craig from Intech to get this process started and he assured us the necessary equipment as been order and a date to install will be decided upon in the next few weeks.


  1. Community Reinvestment Area – the village would like to apply to the State of Ohio Development Services Agency to establish a Community Reinvestment Area Program for the village.  A Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) is a tool used as an incentive to attract business and benefiting property owners who renovate existing or construct new buildings.  Information was presented at the council meeting July 3, 2018.  Ordinance #2018-23 will be on the council agenda for a third and final reading to authorize the village administrator to pursue this program for the village.


  1. Economic Development– We are happy to welcome Mr. Todd Dickerson to the council meeting on September 4, 2018. Dickerson is known in the economic development world and has a wealth of information he can assist the village with.  He has ideas on how to gain options on ground for economic development as well as how to market North Baltimore on a national level.  I passed out information from Mr. Dickerson at the August COTW and if you have questions I am certain Mr. Dickerson will be happy to address those at the meeting Sept. 4.


  1. Open Items List – Included in your council packet is the open items list Councilman Beegle suggested along with additions that council requested last month. This list can be included with all future council packets and can be discussed at length at each Committee of the Whole Meeting.


  1. Camera Installation Estimate– The Mayor is working with House of Heindenach in Findlay to get an estimate on installation of cameras in the park and in the common areas at the municipal building.


  1. Additional Appropriations – Ordinances 2018-41 & 2018-42 – Ordinance 2018-41 is to appropriate money for electric service for the 4th quarter of the year. Ordinance 2018-42 is to appropriate money to pay for the mulch we put in the village park.  We expect to receive the grant check from Wood County Park District, but we do not wish to have the vendor wait any longer on their payment.

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