North Baltimore, Ohio

June 6, 2023 6:45 pm

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NB Village Administrator resigns

by JP Miklovic

North Baltimore Village Council met last night with a Regular Session, then followed with an Executive Session that yielded much, as council returned to Regular Session to accept a resignation, then start looking for a replacement, and authorizing an attempt to repurchase property.

According to Mayor Mike Julien, “there were three items that Council took action upon following the executive session:

1.     Authorize the Appointed Legal Counsel to enter into negotiations to purchase the parking lot property formerly acquired by the owners of the Whistle Stop restaurant.

2.     Accept with regrets the resignation of Ms. Donna Dettling as Village Administrator who will continue to serve until mid-November of 2015.

3.     Authorize the Village Administrator to advertise for her replacement as soon as possible.

Dettling was hired last July to replace Kathy Healy.

The parking lot is across the street from the closed (and for sale) Whistle Stop Inn. The restaurant closed around January of 2014. It was originally sold by the village to the owners of the eatery for $15,000, with the promises of development of parking and green space.

7 Responses

  1. This woman’s Salary is/was $70,000 a year… Way too much money for her job description. It does not matter the education she has, especially when police officers are barely making a surviving wage in this village and they carry guns, risk everything they have for people who care so little. This village needs to pay the police officers more then what some secretary lady make, or the people who fix light bulbs in street light… Glad this woman is going!

  2. KS the village would be dumb to hire Healy back. I’m pretty sure most of the council doesn’t want her back. So we hired Dettling because she has been able to turn villages around. Looks like she doesn’t want to have anything to do with this village. It is time to hire someone local who actually cares about this village but yet still has the qualifications. No hiring someone thats not from around here. Look what Healy did to this village while she was here! Dettling didn’t have enough time here to do too much damage, But she was well on her way.

  3. I pray this time we hire someone who truly loves our town, someone who will NOT ust view it as a job but a responsibility to our village!! Let’s pray the mayor doesn’t allow such absurd job description / requirements to be written, so that we can keep the doors open to some of our locals who are passionate and professional enough to be the RIGHT fit for us!!

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