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NB Village Council (Committee of the Whole) Meets

by Sue Miklovic

After a quick visit to the near-by North Baltimore Area Historical Center to be educated on proper archiving procedures, the Village Council spent much of their Council of the Whole meeting last Tuesday discussing details of several possible big expenditures.

First up though was a discussion of EMS billing rates, as NB’s are not in line with area communities. Finance Officer Chris Kirk shared info on various types of billed services, as provided from Great Lakes Billing, who is recommending the rates be increased. One of the biggest problem areas appears to be clients who receive treatment, but are not transported anywhere. No dates to make the changes were set.

Other topics of interest at the meeting included:

*EMS Chief Phil Walters is requesting a Lucas Device which is an automated CPR device. It can assist the squad by automatically performing compressions on patients. “It is a workhorse” Walters said. The cost is $16,349, which is available in the EMS budget.

*Tom Bork of Poggemeyer Design Group gave a presentation on Water Tower replacement options. The project, which would provide a second usable tower for the village has a projected cost of approximately $2 Million. Final decision on the type of tower selected will be made by Water Superintendent Brian Roberts, who said he prefers it to be identical to the existing tower. It will cost the village $100,000ish for the design phase of the project.

Village Administrator Allyson Murray reported the contract for Phase 2 of the waterline project-from Broadway to Walnut Street, will be awarded at the next Council meeting, to Underground Utilities, Inc. of Monroeville. They were the lowest bidders of the four received, at $160, 948.

Murray also reported on meeting with ODOT, where they set dates for construction of Downtown Revitalization project, and Safe Routes to Schools projects. ODOT grant money is providing large portions of the funding for both projects. Hopefully, construction of the Downtown Revitalization can begin in the early Summer of 2019, while the Safe Routes to Schools project will be targeted for late Summer 2019.

Water and Sewer Superintendent Brian Roberts also recommended the purchase of a new backhoe, a New Holland, from Streaker Sales, for $91,907 minus trade-in. Even if ordered soon, it won’t arrive until March/April.

Doug Wickard, Superintendent of the Street Department,  is requesting the purchase of a street sweeper($276,935).Purchasing in 5 annual payments ($58,000plus) vs. Lease-to-Own were discussed.

Votes for these items will take place at next week’s Council Meeting.

Ms. Murray also shared that several local inquiries have come into the village offices, as to what is being constructed on Route 18, near Hancock-Wood Electric. “There will be a ground breaking within the next month, but it is not the village’s place to announce what is going in” she said.

Councilman Rick Van Mooy and Mayor Goldner commented on the Tree Commission’s plan to offer to partner with village residents in tree planting. “We want to offer trees at reduced cost to village residents who want additional trees planted. They would be provided and planted by our vendor.”




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