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NB Village Council Holds First Meeting of Month

by Sue Miklovic

The Village Council of North Baltimore met for the first meeting of the month of October on Tuesday night. Councilman Art Patterson was absent.

For public participation, former Mayor Ned Sponsler addressed the council. He wanted to share with them that earlier this summer his home had been burglarized and that, “The Police Department did a great job” he said. He shared brief details of the investigation and ensuing arrest of the guilty party. “We often don’t hear the positives,” he said, “but I wanted to tell you” The Council members thanked him for sharing the praises.

Also for public participation, resident Dave Meggitt (owner of vehicle involved)reported that his son had a tire/wheel destroyed earlier in the day Tuesday, when he hit a catch basin that was not properly placed in it’s locationĀ  on N. Third Street. The faulty catch basin had been reported to the village Public Works Superintendent Doug Wickard last week by Meggitt’s father, Ron. Mr. Brillhart will confer with Mr. Wickard.

Other business during the meeting:

#Mr. Swartz reported the Village received a refund of around $17,000 from Workman’s Compensation. He said they(W.C) will be making a lot of refunds all over the state.
#Mr. Swartz also reported that “April Dick was finally able to use some of her vacation time because our new clerk Paula Steen is quickly picking up how to do all the tasks and responsibilities.” She is additionally helping with reported water leaks.
#Councilman Ty Carles brought to everyone’s attention that there is standing water near the road in front of the reservoir after the heavy rain on Monday night. Geddis Paving has been placing dirt from the Main Street project inĀ  the Reservoir parking lot (at the Village’s request) The Mayor and Administrator are aware of the situation.
#The Council approved hiring Alexandria Newell as a part-time dispatcher for the Village, beginning October 2nd. The Police Department has lost 3 dispatchers recently.
#Things are progressing nicely on the 100 Block of Main Street project. Initial layer of paving of the east side is scheduled on Friday. Village administrator Michael Brillhart said it is anticipated the project will be completed before November. There is still some concern for the location of the poles for the traffic signals, and the possibility that they will not be well located for ADA accessibility on the corners.
#There was much conversation on the remaining grant projects still in the planning stages, particularly with the selection of engineering firms.
#A new ordinance concerning Bulk Water rates for large users (Commercial customers) was tabled to make some updates to the wording.
#Mr. Brillhart is still working on Rail Remediation (with Wendy Jordon) on the drainage issue caused when the third rail line was added in town. Ms. Jordon suggested the village contact PUCO if CSX continues to ignore/not respond. Much disappointment and frustration was expressed in the room.
# The next meeting will include an Economic Development discussion/update from Todd Dickerson. Legal Counsel Joel Kuhlman gave some suggestions concerning CRA vs. JED.
#Council President Matt Beegle reported the new basketball hoops are finally installed on the former tennis court surface at the park, that was repaved as part of a park grant. “And its being used (by many)!” said Mr. Beegle.
#Mr. Kuhlman also informed the village of his continuing efforts to gather more information on the County Commissioners intent to abandon ownership of many bridges, turning ownership over to municipalities, and townships throughout the county. Stay tuned!

One thought on “NB Village Council Holds First Meeting of Month”

  1. The town is definitely starting to look better that’s for sure. Nice new sidewalks. Hopefully shopowners will like to follow suit and clean up the fronts of their shops. The basketball hoops are a nice touch. I frequent the small skatepark and it’s starting to fall apart. The one platform is collapsing on itself from water damage because of all the rain we had. If given permission I’d totally fix it myself. I’m an older guy and I skateboard. I really don’t want to see that place fall apart.

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