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NB Village Council Minutes – April 21



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I. Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Julien called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

II. Roll Call:

Mayor Mike Julien-Here, Leslee Thompson-Here, Aaron Patterson-Here,
Janet Goldner-Here, Bill Cameron-Here, Rich Rose-Here, Art Patterson—
Here, Clerk Richard Van Mooy-Here, Student Representative Hank Matthes—Here.
III. Approval of the Minutes:

Motion by Aaron Patterson to approve the minutes of the 04-07-15 meeting. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

IV. Public Participation:

Mark Wolford speaking on behalf of the Mid County Ambulance district addressed council about the number of mutual aid runs that their department makes to assist North Baltimore EMS. Thus far in 2015 they have been called 17 times. By answering our calls it takes their unit out of the service area. Mr. Wolford offered to assist NB in any way that they can to get our EMS on a more dependable footing. Mr. Julien thanked Mr. Wolford for his offer of assistance and his candor. Aaron Patterson asked for the dates and time of the mutual aid calls. Many of them occurred during the time that we are staffed with a paid EMS but a second crew member is not available so mutual aid must be called for transport.

V. Letters and Communications:


VI. Administrative Reports:

Finance Officer: Present. Report Submitted

Mr. Cameron asked if the current EMS funding runs through the end of May or the end of June. He was told the end of June.

Village Administrator: Present. Report Submitted.

Ms Dettling reported that our water system was reviewed as part of its tri annual inspection. The inspector praised the operations and the proactive work that is being done to prevent algae in the reservoir.

Ms Dettling reported that the restriping of the downtown parking is in progress.

Ms Dettling reported that the recent high winds caused some tree damage and that the Tree Commission’s storm damage account may be depleted. Discussion turned to a tree on a foreclosed property near Powell School that lost a large limb. No conclusion was reached.

Ms Dettling reminded all members that they should cc the clerk with all e-mails as required by the sunshine law.

Ms Dettling suggested that council meet three times in June, July and August instead of the current two. Mr. Van Mooy said that he would not be present for the additional meetings.

Based on Ms Dettling’s recommendation, Ms Goldner made a motion to authorize the Village Administrator to finalize the Loan/Grant Agreement for the CF Loan/Grant program to purchase a Police Patrol Vehicle and an EMS Response Vehicle. The motion died for lack of a second.

In the discussion before the mayor asked for a second, questions were raised about the level of commitment required of the village, the need to purchase two vehicles, the source of funding for the village’s share of the purchase. Amid speculation and discussion, no conclusions were reached on these items. Ms Dettling pointed out that the motion only authorizes the administrator to continue with the paperwork. Aaron Patterson said that since council had already done so, this motion must be for a greater commitment. Mr. Cameron suggested that since we may not even have an EMS in a few months that we should not purchase a vehicle for that service. Mr. Kirk and Ms Dettling will research and report.

Clerk: Present. No Report

Appointed Legal Counsel: Present. No Report.

Mayor: Present.

Mr. Julien said that the alert notification is ready to be rolled out at the upcoming public safety meetings.

Mr. Julien circulated a draft letter to Cong. Latta and asked all members to sign.

VII. Standing Committees:

Economic and Community Development (Mr. Aaron Patterson)

No Report.

Public Safety (Ms Goldner)

Ms Goldner announced that three Public Safety meetings are scheduled as follows: 04-30-15 7:00 PM at the fire hall, 05-16 10:00 AM at the fire hall with the media invited with hot dogs for one and all and 05-16-15 7:00 PM at the library. Three items will be discussed: 1) The switch to 911 for all fire and EMS service, 2) The emergency notification system and 3) Council’s plan to finance EMS service. Mr. Van Mooy has made arrangements for the library to be open and staffed after closing to accommodate those wishing to use public computers to sign up for the notification system.

Discussion turned to EMS funding and Ms Goldner reported that based on discussions at the last three Public Safety meetings that the plan is for council to eliminate the income tax reciprocity forgiveness through the ordinance process. In the ordinance it will state that all funds raised through the reciprocity will be earmarked for EMS. The first reading of that ordinance will be on the 05-05-15 agenda with the next two readings following with adoption planned for the 06- 02-15 meeting. It is possible that a citizens’ referendum on the tax issue may be filed so the planned readings will give the citizens time to circulate a petition so that it may be placed on the November ballot.

Ms Goldner estimated that the reciprocity will generate $190,000 which when added to the anticipated $90,000 in collections and the customary general fund contribution of $90,000 that we will be short about $50,000 needed to staff the EMS at the mid-level. The mid-level would still be a mix of paid staff and volunteers but, with a greater number of paid staff, there will be greater flexibility of assignments and hours on duty. She also said that if a referendum is on the ballot that council must mount a campaign to show the citizens that need for the additional funds that will be earmarked exclusively for EMS purposes.

Mr. Cameron asked about the possible $50,000 shortfall. Mr. Van Mooy responded that additional staff will mean additional runs being completed which will lead to additional revenues. In the meantime passage of Ordinance 2015-13 will secure funding for our current operations and staffing through 2015.

Along with the ordinance process we will continue to participate in the Southwood study which could lead to a larger EMS district or paid contracts for service or other options yet to be considered.

Aaron Patterson asked what the EMS is doing to alleviate the staffing issue. Chief Matthes said that the EMS is doing three things right now: 1) They are actively seeking new members. It was pointed out that at all three public meetings that the EMS will have a recruiting table staffed with volunteers. 2) New members training is being provided locally so that the recruits don’t have to drive to another site for the training and 3) The revised by laws recently approved by council requires member participation.

Mr. Cameron asked for an update on the drug dog. Referred to COTW.

Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Rose)

No Report.

Public Works (Mr. Art Patterson)

No Report.

Mr. Van Mooy reported that the combine Lars Larsen Dedication/Arbor Day ceremonies held on Saturday went very well. He complimented Ms Goldner for spear heading the ceremonies.

Public Utilities (Ms Cameron)

Mr. Cameron reported that some of the storm sewers will need to be slip lined. Since they are large pipes the cost could be substantial. Estimates are being prepared.

Mr. Cameron said that the next Headworks meeting is 04-23-15.

Finance and Technology (Ms Thompson)

Based on the recommendation of the Finance Committee, Ms Thompson made a motion that all hiring recommendations will be accompanied by a written recommendation from the appropriate supervisor on a form designed by the Village Administrator. The recommendation will include the new hire’s name, job title, effective employment date, placement on the compensation plan (if applicable) and the rate of pay. Additionally, this requirement is to be added to the village policy manual. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.
VIII. New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business

Ms Goldner made a motion that Ordinance 2015-13 be read by number and title only for the first reading. Second by Art Patterson.

Ordinance 2015-13 read by number and title by the mayor.


Aaron Patterson made a motion that Ordinance 2015-14 be read by number and title only for the first reading. Second by Art Patterson.

Ordinance 2105-14 read by number and title by the mayor.


IX. Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


X. Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

Aaron Patterson made a motion that Ordinance 2-15-11be read by number and title only for the third reading. Second by Mr. Cameron.

Ordinance 2015-11 read by number and title by the mayor.

Ms Goldner made a motion to adopt Ordinance 2015-11. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.


XI. Other New Business


XII. Other Old Business


XIII. Payment of the Bills

Ms Goldner made a motion to put the bills totaling $ 156,880.83 on the Claims Ordinance. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

Aaron Patterson made a motion to pay the bills totaling $ 156,880.83. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.
XIV. Adjournment

Mr. Rose made a motion to adjourn at 9:12 PM. Second by
Mr. Cameron. All approved.

Approved __________________________
Richard Van Mooy, Clerk
Chester H. Marcin __________________________
Village Solicitor Mike Julien, Mayor

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