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January 17, 2022 11:20 am


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NB Village Finance Report – March 21

FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT – Council Meeting – Mar 21, 2017

1) The Bill List from 3/3/2017 – 3/17/2017 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

2) Collections to Note:

a. Bates Recycling: Water/Sewer Recycling – $7,189.80
b. Grange Insurance: Fire Dept Hazmat Svs – $1,445.20
c. Charter Communications: 4Q Franchise Fees – $4,762.80
d. NB Board of Education: SRO Fees to date – $7,877.22

3) Ohio Checkbook – I attended a conference call featuring the Village’s website. I will review further and update council when it goes live.

4) The Village 2015-2016 audit is scheduled for the weeks of 3/27 and 4/3.

5) The second date for CCA taxpayer assistance will be on 4/12 from 3-8. Assistance will take place here at the village municipal building.


1) Appropriation Ordinance: Increase the fire budget by $1,445.20. The fire dept. was reimbursed for hazmat services rendered. Chief Francisco has requested these funds be put into his budget. The appropriation is in the same amount as the reimbursement.


1) Appropriation Ordinance 2017-01: Increasing the police budget by $1,500.00. The North Baltimore American Legion donated $1,500.00 to the North Baltimore Police Dept for new external vest carriers. This appropriation is in the same amount.

2) Appropriation Ordinance 2017-02: Increase the police budget by $1,980.00. The Ohio Attorney General’s office awarded the police dept a training grant. This appropriation is in the same amount.

3) Appropriation Ordinance 2017-03: Increasing the historical preservation line item by $750.00. North Baltimore spends $500.00 each year for historical preservation efforts. In 2016, the $500.00 was not spent. The additional appropriation will be used for supplies for the Historical Society, along with a plaque to mark the location of the former high school.

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