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NB Village Finance Report – Nov. 1

Council Meeting
Nov 1, 2016
Chris Kirk, Finance Officer

1) Income tax collections 2016 vs. 2015 as of 10/31/2016:


2) The Bill List from 10/15/2016 – 10/28/2016 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

3) October Great Lakes collections and the October Fund Report will be distributed at next week’s COTW

4) Collections to Note:

a. Wood County Auditor – Estate Tax Disbursement: $7,494.77
b. Schroeder Farms – Cemetery Farm Lease Pmt: $2,169.37

5) Healthcare: in 2016 The Village surpassed 50 FT/PT employees. By passing this threshold, The Village is now considered a large group employer and must comply with The Affordable Care Act. We are now required to offer health insurance to any employee who has averaged 30+ hours per week for 2016. By my estimates, we are required to offer insurance to roughly 5-10 additional employees for 2017. Unfortunately this will increase healthcare costs for the Village. I am in the process of obtaining new healthcare quotes due to the Village now being classified as a large group employer. In order to save costs, we may change healthcare plans and/or increase the employee contribution to these costs. Once I receive the final quotes for our group, we will develop a plan to keep these additional costs to a minimum. I will report to council once we receive these final quotes.

6) We have renewed the Village’s property/liability insurance for 2017 with Public Entities Pool Ohio.

7) Upcoming ordinances (11/15/2016):
a. 2016 Fund Transfers
b. 2016 Expense Appropriation Clean Up
c. 2016 Revenue Appropriation Clean Up


1) 2017 Annual Appropriation Ordinance: The annual budget for 2017. This is subject to change over the next few weeks. I will continually update council to any major changes to the budget.

2) Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $72,335.23 to the Vehicle Equipment Replacement Fund (901), Water Fund (511), and Wastewater Fund (521). These funds will be used to pay for the new communications tower at the administrative building. There is $31,500.62 in the 901 fund for water utility purposes, the rest is being paid out of the 511, and 521 funds. The amounts for the 511 and 521 funds are coming from the theft in office insurance proceeds. The reason for the emergency measure is because the work is underway.

3) Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $77,000.00 to the Sewer Tap Assessment Budget. In 2016 The Village collected $76,239.11 in Sewer Tap Assessments from lateral work performed during the SSP. These funds will be credited to the General Fund, but must be appropriated first. The additional funds I’m requesting to be appropriated are to cover the increase in Auditor and Treasurer fees not currently budgeted – roughly a few hundred dollars. The reason for the emergency measure is so I can include this amount in the budget clean-up efforts for year-end.

4) Wage Resolution: Outlines the wages for all employees for 2017. Please review this document and let me know if you have any questions or would like to see any changes. Also attached is the 2017 pay scale – This mirrors the Wage resolution. The only change for the pay scale from last year is the change of Dispatch employee pay to $9.75/hour. I request the pay scale be approved by motion. The wage resolution will receive 3 readings.


8) Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $1,573.60 to the Fire Dept Budget. The Fire Dept billed Kooner Transportation for Hazmat services provided. Kooner paid this bill and Chief Francisco has requested these funds be put back into his budget. This appropriation is in the same amount as the amount collected.

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