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NB Village Rules: Use of North Baltimore’s Park Facilities/Ball Fields

NB Village Rules: Use of North Baltimore’s Park Facilities/Ball Fields

Spring and Summer of 2016

In order to be consistent and fair with all users of the Village Park Facilities, the Village has developed an agreement which outlines the criteria for use of these facilities. Please review & initial each statement as verification that you understand and agree to abide by requirements.  This agreement is not complete until all items are initialed and the information and signature section is completed on the back.

The North Baltimore, Ohio Village Park Facilities and Ball Fields are owned by the Public; however responsibility and liability for this community asset is assigned to North Baltimore Elected Officials and Administrative staff.  It’s our goal to properly manage Park assets to bring lasting value to all residents of North Baltimore.

  1. Any work, either temporary or permanent must be approved by the village prior to the work being completed. Any maintenance to fences, dugouts, fields, score boards, press boxes, batting cages, concession stands, etc. will not automatically be paid by the Village.  Bring these maintenance and repair concerns to the attention of the Administrator for proper planning and cost share options.  A plan of action will be discussed with the appropriate party.
  1. The Village will pay the water, sewer and electric bills if used conservatively.
  1. The Village will mow on an as needed basis. If this is not sufficient, you will need to make other arrangements either with the Village or a private contractor.
  1. As a user of these facilities, I understand that I am responsible for picking up trash after every practice and game. I also understand that my privileges under this agreement may be revoked, or I may be billed for clean-up, if I fail to do so.  The Village supplies trash barrels and refuse pickup during the week.  However, there is no weekend pick-up, so users will be responsible for taking weekend trash to dumpsters next to the Lions Building.
  1. Food service at the concession stands can present a public health concern; your use of the concession stands will require a commitment to keeping the area clean and following the Wood County Health Department Food Service requirements.  Anyone using the concession stand will sign-in and out on a clipboard provided by the Village.   I understand that failure to keep the concession stand clean, follow the WC Health Department Food Service requirements, or failure to sign in and out could result in loss of the privilege to use the concession stand.
  1. At the end of the season, all coolers, freezers, and refrigerators must be cleaned out and unplugged. The clipboard sign-in sheet will include a signature line and statement for a responsible party to accept this task each year.
  1. Key(s) will be distributed by the Village to the Primary Contact Person of each League. This Primary Contact Person must sign for the keys and will be responsible for circulation and collection of keys.    Keys must be turned in to Doug Wickard at the Street Dept. at the end of the season.  NO DUPLICATE KEYS WILL BE MADE!  Violation of this agreement will result in loss of privileges.
  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Village Park at any time.

Anyone who agrees to these rules and violates them could be prohibited from using the Village Park Facilities.  A fee of $275 per league is required and $25 will be returned when the keys are turned back in to the village at the close of the season.

Editor’s Note – Below is the form to be completed for use of these facilities:

Printed Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone Number & Email: _________________________________________________

Team Name and/or League: _______________________________________________

Dates of Team’s Season: _________________________________________________

A copy of your team’s schedule must be attached to complete this agreement.

I understand and accept the responsibility for abiding by the above rules and for usage of the North Baltimore Village Park facilities and I understand that this privilege can be revoked, if I choose to ignore the rules.

________________________________________                 _____________

Signature                                                                                            Date

List the names of all co-users: coaches, assistant coaches, concession managers that will use the facilities under your Team or League.  It is your responsibility to review the rules with each co-user and it will be your responsibility if they choose not to follow the rules.

____________________________              ________________________________

____________________________              ________________________________

____________________________              ________________________________

____________________________              ________________________________

____________________________              ________________________________

____________________________              ________________________________

One thought on “NB Village Rules: Use of North Baltimore’s Park Facilities/Ball Fields”

  1. As someone who has taken care of the softball field for the past 15 years, along with many other NB volunteers using our own equipment and fuel and vacation time to do so. I certainly hope that this sudden need for the village to get involved does not mean these facilities will soon take on the appearance of the little league diamonds. I’m sure the gentlemen who put the time and effort into taking care of the Baseball diamond share my concerns.

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