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NB Village Snow Policy

North Baltimore Village Council has instituted the following policies, procedures and practices concerning snow and ice on village streets, alleys and sidewalks.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this policy is to provide the citizens of North Baltimore with a safe, proactive, consistent, and efficient process that will insure safe travel on roads, streets, alleys and sidewalks within the Village corporation limits during such times as follows:
a) There is a forecast of 2 inches or more of snow and or ice.
b) There is an accumulation of 2 inches of snow and it is still snowing.
c) Drifting snow is causing unsafe and hazardous travel.
d) Icy conditions are adversely affecting travel.
e) Time of snow fall is affecting peak travel times.

This policy is also intended to provide the North Baltimore Public Works Department with a working document and an overview of the expectations of the administrative and legislative authorities of the Village pertaining to the processes of brine application, salt application, snow plowing, street cleaning, and snow removal from Village owned property and sidewalks during times of snow and or ice accumulations.

Pretreating and Proactive Effort

Where applicable the following efforts shall be made in an attempt to prepare roads, and streets for any inclement and or hazardous weather. When it is that the Village should expect 2 inches or more of snow or ice accumulation, the brine truck shall be dispatched to apply brine to all roads and streets within the Village corporation limits in preparation for the inclement weather.

Street Plowing and Street Opening Efforts

The North Baltimore Public Works Department plows approximately 24 miles of village streets, 27 miles of alleys and three miles of village parking lots and sidewalks.

The village street system is divided into 4 maintenance districts for snow plowing. To remove the snow from streets, the Village uses 2 truck mounted plows with salt spreaders and 1 front end loader. The trucks with plows spread salt on priority streets, curves and at intersections as they plow. The first truck completing its district(s) is sent to salt the curves and intersections in the front end loader district.

When the accumulation of snow, sleet and or icy road conditions make travel within the Village hazardous, the Public Works Superintendent shall dispatch as many trucks as he may deem necessary to salt roadways, intersections, curves, and bridges. If the aforementioned conditions happen between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am Eastern Time; patrolling North Baltimore Police Officer’s on duty shall contact dispatch and they shall contact the Public Works Superintendent to communicate hazardous road conditions.

A one-ton truck with plow is used to remove snow from the Fire Station and Village Hall parking lots, alleys, public works lots and wastewater drives and cemeteries. The first priority is the Fire Station and Village Hall parking lots, followed by alleys then cemeteries. Alleys are normally the last to be plowed.


The following streets or portion of streets within the Village of North Baltimore are hereby designed at as snow emergency routes, and shall be posted as such as required by this chapter:

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(a) Broadway from East Corporation limits to Mitchell Road
(b) Main Street from Roundabout to Quarry Road
(c) Second Street from High Street to Quarry Road
(d) Tarr Street from State Route 18 to Cherry Street
(e) West State Street from Main Street to Mitchell Road
(f) Poe Road from Broadway to State Route 18
(g) Water Street from Poe Road to Mitchell Road
(h) Rudolph Road from Quarry to Broadway.
(Ord. 2015-07. Passed 3-6-15.)

North Baltimore Code regarding Prohibition Against Parking After Snowfall states:

Section 355.03 – Once in effect, a prohibition under this chapter shall remain in effect for 48 hours unless sooner terminated by the Mayor or the President of Council, except that any street area which has become substantially clear of snow and ice from curb to curb for the length of the entire block shall be automatically excluded there from. While the prohibition is in effect, no person shall park or allow to remain parked any vehicle on any portion of the snow emergency route to which it applies. Owners of vehicles already parked at the commencement of a snow emergency shall have two hours in which to remove their vehicles. However, nothing in this section shall be construed to permit parking at any time or place where it is forbidden by any other provision of law.

Section 355.07 and Section 355.14 of the Village Code restrict parking on streets designated as snow emergency routes.

Cars that are parked in violation of the Ordinance are towed or may be plowed in. After the snowfall is over and the streets are cleared, the cars that have been plowed in are usually gone and the remaining snow can be removed. Cars that are not removed within a reasonable period of time are towed by the Police Department.

Street Cleaning Efforts

When the accumulation of snow has ceased, and roadways are open for travel, the Public Work’s Department shall start the secondary street cleaning efforts. This cleaning effort will consist of the removal of accumulated snow from plowing efforts from curb to curb or if no curb exists to the most outer side of pavement on both sides of roadways. This effort will also include the cleaning of any and all piles of accumulated snow in the middle of Main Street from Water Street to Quarry Road in excess of 3 feet. The Public Works Department shall make every effort to have streets and roadways within the Village Corporation limits cleaned as soon as conditions will allow.

Damage of Private Property

Mailboxes that are hit by a Village snowplow will be repaired by the Village. Mailboxes downed due to force of snow are the responsibility of the owner. Temporary repairs are made to mail boxes that are physically hit by the plow to avoid an interruption in mail service. Permanent repairs are made in the spring when the ground is thawed.

Any grass or sod areas on private property that is damaged during the plowing of streets within the Village may be repaired or replaced by the Public Works Department in the following spring season provided that the Village Administrator is contacted and a description of damage is reported.

Village Owned Property and Sidewalk Cleaning Efforts

It shall be the responsibility of the Public Works Department to keep clear accumulated snow from the following Village owned properties, in front and behind the North Baltimore Fire department, Public Works, Water and Wastewater drives, both Village cemeteries and all reservoir parking areas. It shall also be the DPW’s responsibility to clear any Village owned sidewalks within the Village in accordance with the Village Codified Ordinance Chapter 521.06; for example Rudolph Road green space. This provision shall exclude Village owned sidewalks at the roundabout and parks. It shall be the responsibility of the North Baltimore Police Department to clear snow and apply salt to sidewalks in front of the North Baltimore Police Department and all sidewalks in front of and beside Village Hall in accordance with Chapter 521.06.


The Village removes snow from approximately 1 mile sidewalks in the village. Shoveling of the sidewalk system is done with the two snow blowers. Village park paths and walkways are plowed after sidewalks are cleared.

Shoveling the sidewalk system generally starts about 4 hours after the plowing of Village streets has started. A normal snowfall can be cleared from the sidewalks in about 6 hours. The intent is to have the sidewalks in school areas cleared before the opening of school, but not before the adjacent streets as the sidewalks would be undone by the street plows. The streets in front of schools are priority.

The Public Works Superintendent has the responsibility of determining the plow routes and sequencing of snow and ice control operations. The Superintendent shall retain the latitude to adjust sequencing or route assignments based on storm conditions, equipment availability and/or other conditions warranting changes.

The Public Works Superintendent will make the decision on when to begin snow and ice control operations.

Snow Removal on Sidewalks – The village ordinance on snow removal;


(a) No owner or occupant of abutting lands shall fail to keep the sidewalks in repair and free from snow, ice, or any nuisance. Owners or occupants shall have twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of the snow or ice storm that caused the accumulation, to remove same from the sidewalks abutting their land.
(b) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 03-05. Passed 2-18-03.)

To summarize the order of snow removal:
1. Fire, Police and Village Hall, Priority Streets, lots and alleys.
2. Public Works, Water and Wastewater drives, Village neighborhood streets
3. Alley system and cemeteries. (unless there is a funeral, then move up the list )

This policy shall take the place of any and all previous snow removal/winter maintenance procedures adopted by the Village of North Baltimore.

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