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NB Youth Football League Meeting & Sign-Up

LEFT – A past NB Youth Football Team

The North Baltimore Youth Football League Team Meeting and Sign-Up has been scheduled for the 3rd/4th grade and 5th/6th grade teams.

The meeting is Wednesday, July 22, 7:00 pm at North Baltimore High School.

The league fee is $40 and can be paid by cash or check (written to North Baltimore Athletic Boosters).

Meet the coaches, who will be on hand to answer any questions.

Players, parents/guardians should be prepared to fill out sign up forms and sign waiver form.

The coaches are Shawn Smith, Michael smith, Lane Bishop, Levi Newcomer, Andy Allison , David Hammer,  Adam Bateson. They are still looking for three more.

Persons interested please contact Shawn Smith at ssgoblue69@gmail.com or by calling 419-276-5861.

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