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NBHS Alumni B-ball Update – Players Are Needed!

 Jon Eichar, NBHS Alumni B-ball Organizer says, “I know that there are people out there that are going to play, but that have not signed up. I need them to get ahold of me by the 22nd! And, we are in need of women to play in the Lady Tiger Alumni Game.  Please sign up so we can have a game!!!
Those that have signed up thus far:
1.  Morgan Schloemp
2. Chloe Hamlin
3. Penny Rayle
4. Jessica Frost
5. Brittany Tellez
6. Morgan Wright
7.  Rachel Flores
8.  Valarie Stearns
Men ages 18-29 have a full roster
1.  Chase Nichols                                            11.  Gabe DeLosReyes
2.  Tyler Trumbull                                             12.  Clinton Ebright
3.  Jacob Frost                                                  13.  Nick Brossia
4. Alex James                                                   14. Jordan Watson
5. Levi Newcomer                                             15  Troy Rayle
6. Cody Pelton                                                  16  Kevin Sweet
7.  Luke Wymer                                                17  Jordan Eichar
8.  Peter Euler                                                  18  Matt archer
9.  Jacob Pelton                                                19  Jeff Senecal
10  Derek McMahan                                          20  Lane Bishop
Men ages 30-39 –We need players so we can have a game !!!!
1.  Mike Clark
2.  Troy Perez
3.  Joey Hagemyer
4.  Ryan Clark
5.  Brad Smith
Men 40 and over –We may(???) need a few more to make sure you get a break…
1.  Steve Wright
2.  Matt Archer
3.  Tony Archer
4. MIke Patterson
5.  CJ Cotterman
6.  Aaron Bowers
7.  Jeff Wright
8.  Al Tatham
9.  Bob Clark
10.  Greg Frost
The deadine for getting your Alumni Commemorative Tee Shirt is January 22
Again – Ladies we need at least 2 more women to have a game.  Men ages 30 to 39 if you do not get enough to play some 18-29 year olds will come up and play in your age group.
Please e-mail Jon Eichar if you would like to play in the Alumni game at jeichar@nbls.org before January 22nd. 
Remember how much fun???
Alumni Bball 2014 girls
You had a great time last time… Sign up today!

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