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NBHS Fall 2018 Senior Night Bios

The North Baltimore High School Fall Seniors were honored under the Friday night lights at NB’s War Memorial Field.

Thank you to all the seniors and their families! Best of luck to all with their future plans!

Rachel Crouse – Rachel is the daughter of Barb and Ray Crouse.  Rachel is a 4 yr varsity Cross Country letterman and serves as a team captain this year.  Rachel is also a member, squad leader and section leader in the tiger marching band.  Rachel also participates in track and is a member of Paws for a Cause, Tri-M, and National Honor Society.  In her free time Rachel enjoys spending time with her friends, Mali, Brendan, and Wyatt.  Rachel would like to thank her family “for always supporting me in everything I do.”  After graduation Rachel plans to attend college but is undecided as to her major.

Zion Cook – Zion is the Grandson of Pam and Bill Cook.  Zion is a second year varsity cross country member.  Zion also participates in track and works at Beer Barrel Pizza.  Zion would like to thank Mr. Endicott for ”getting me through High School”.  After graduation Zion plans to attend BGSU he is undecided as to his major.

Jordan Bucher – Jordan is the daughter of Suzanne and Bill Bucher.  Jordan is a 2nd year varsity cheerleader and cheer co-captain, a 4th year varsity golf letterman and a 3 year district golf team qualifier.  Jordan also participates in Track and is a member of Paws for a Cause, Student Council, National Honor Society and International club.  Jordan’s favorite memory is making it to districts for golf all 4 years.  Jordan would like to thank her Dad” for pushing me to become better even when I didn’t want to.”  After a graduation Jordan would plans to pursue a career in nursing.

Elias Burleson – Elias is the son of Rachel and Chad Burleson.  Elias favorite memory is of all the relationships he was able to form on the golf course.  Elias would like to thank Coach Bill Bucher and Kathi Bucher for “coming back each year to coach me and my team mates”.

Lilly Westgate – Lilly is the daughter of Laura and Jason Westgate.  Lilly is Co-Captain of the girls golf team and also Serves as Drum major for the tiger marching band.  Lilly is vice president of National Honor Society, President of student Council, President of her 4H Club, Tri –M president and a member of Paws for a cause, Junior Fair Board and is a Sr. Fair board representative.  Lilly’s favorite memories are the “I HAVE A MANGO” cheer that the band does in the stands at every game and of course the mandatory Ice Cream Stops after each golf match.  She would like to thank her mom and dad “for being there for Maddy and I and loving us constantly”.  And her Cotter-gate-ler family for always being there, being the best family ever and for always getting the best pictures”.  After graduation Lilly plans to attend either BGSU or owens to persue a career in either education or the medical field. 

Brittney Biller  – Brittney is the daughter of Renee Blakely and David Biller.  Brittney is a varsity cheerleader.  Brittney also participates in softball and is a member of paws for a cause, national honor society, and art club.  Brittney’s favorite memory is when she forgot to do a toe touch in front of the crowd during a basketball game.  Brittney would like to thank her friends, boyfriend, Hannah Lord, Julie Lord, her family and teachers for all of their support and help, “also to Hannah Main for doing our dance to everytime we touch at games and Hannah Lord for being a great friend and never giving up on me. “

Isabella BuchananIsabella is the daughter of Saundra Buchanan and Chip Freshcorn.  Isabella is a 3rd year member of the cheerleading squad.  Isabella also participates in Volleyball and softball.  Her favorite memory is how her class has come together to become a family.  She would like to thank her parents, teachers, and coaches for “never giving up on me and pushing me to be my best”.  After Graduation Isabella plans to attend Bradford college to study culinary and persue her dream to become a private chef on a cruise ship.

Hannah Main  – Hannah is the daughter of Erica and Chad Main.  Hannah is a first year member of the cheerleading squad.  She is also a member of Paws for a Cause and National Honor Society and enjoys horseback riding.  Hannah’s favorite memory is making up a new dance to the song “Everytime we touch” with Britney Biller just to entertain Coach Kim.  She would like to thank her family, Britney Biller, Hannah and Julie Lord “for always supporting me and cheering me on”.  After graduation Hannah plans to attend the University of Toledo to study nursing. 

Dalton Teaford – Dalton is the son of Stacy Bumpus and Shelly Friel and Forrest Teaford.  Dalton is the percussion squad leader and honorary LL for the tiger marching band.  Dalton’s favorite memories are band camp, learning how to play the shaker and of course being next to Mr. Packs room at Disney.  Dalton would like to thank everyone “who supported me believed in me”.  After Graduation Dalton plans to work at the Toledo Corrections institute as a corrections officer, run for village council and join the police academy at the age of 21. 

Lanie McCartney  – Lanie is the daughter of Kim and Mike Kerwin and Kevin and Bri McCartney.  Lanie is a majorette for the tiger marching band and plays trumpet.  Lanie also participates in Track serves as Tri-M vice president is a member of the Klassy Kids 4H group, pep band and twirls with Kathys classics baton group and is active in her church.  Lanie’s favorite memory will be twirling fire during football games and twirling at the glow show each year.  She would like to give a special thank you to her grandparents “who have always given me their love and support have always been at all of my events and been there when I needed them”.  After graduation Lanie plans on attending the University of Northwestern Ohio.  She is undecided as to her major.

Garrett Byrd – Garrett is the son of Marcy and Jonathon Byrd.  Garrett is a member of the tiger marching band.  Garrett also participates in Quiz Bowl, Paws for a Cause, Jazz band, Drama Club and Improve Club.  Garrett would like to thank Ms. Lauer” for not writing me off as a slacker and helping me not fail myself.”  After graduation Garrett plans to attend Arizona University to study Political Philosophy and obtain his PHD to become a professor.

Bradon Biller  – Brandon is the Son of Renee Blakely and David Biller.  Brandon is a varsity football letterman.  Brandon also participates in wrestling.  Brandons favorite football memory is getting his first win this year.  He would like to thank all of his coaches and teachers “for pushing me hard and allowing me to succeed”.  After graduation Brandon plans to attend college for either electrical engineering or business and join the Marines.

Santos Canales – Santos is the son of Dianna and Benito Canalas.  Santos attends Penta Vocational school where he studies.  Santos also participates in wrestling.  A favorite memory Santos has is going into the locker room on game days while everyone is getting hyped up for the game ahead.  Santos would like to thank Coach Scherdt and coach Walls “ for pushing me and encouraging me to be where I am today”.  After graduation Santos plans to attend business college and start his own business

Harley Cole – Harley is the son of Shelly LaRotonda and Steve and April Cole.  Harley is a 3 year varsity letterman.  Harley is also a member of Paws for a Cause, Student Council, and National Honor Society.  Harley’ favorite would have to be defeating Van Buren 35-7 his Jr. year.  After graduation Harley plans to attend college and major in marketing.

Brendan Cotterman – Brendan is the son of Lori and John Cotterman.  Brendan is a varsity football letterman and 4 year participant.  Brendan also participates in Wrestling and baseball.  Scoring his first touchdown will always be his special memory.  Brendan would like to thank his parents “for teaching me dedication and pushing me to be the best student athlete I can be”.  After graduation Brendan plans to attend college but is undecided as to his major.

Jacob CrawfordJacob is the son of Jessica and Mike Bengela.  Jacob is a 2nd year football letterman.  Jacob also participates in Track.  Jacobs favorite memory is goofing off with coaches during practice.  Jacob would like to thank his parents, grandparents, and girlfriend for “being supportive of my decisions and helping me to do the right thing”.  After graduation Jacob plans to earn a degree in Criminal Justice while continuing his track career at the University of Findlay 

Blayne Keller –Blayne is the son of Jaime and Mark Keller.  Blayne is 3rd year member of the football team.  Bylayne also participates in track.  His favorite memory is going 6-4 last year after not having a winning record in 10 years.  Blayne would like to thank his mom and dad for “being supportive in everything I’ve done.”  After graduation Blayne plans to work on sprint cars and go to tech school.

Bryant Matthes – Bryant is the son of Arica and Matt Matthes.  Bryant is a 2nd year varsity football letterman a captain and 4 year participant.  Bryant is also a member of Student Council and National Honor Society.  Bryant’s favorite football memories are playing with his brother Hank his freshman year and defeating Van Buren his junior year.  Bryant would like to thank his parents and grandparents “for always being there and supporting me.”  After graduation Bryant plans to continue his agriculture career with his great grandpa Kidd and Jim Carter.

Alex Snyder – Alex is the son of Lori and John Snyder.  Alex is a 4 yr varsity football letterman and a team captain.  Alex also participates in baseball.  Alex enjoys fishing and playing football at Donell with Logan and Hunter. He also enjoys spending time with Brenden, Logan and his girlfriend Mallorie.  His favorite football memories are when Zach went to practice in his underwear and Hanging with his team and coaches every day after school.  Alex would like to thank his family, coaches, friends and Tyler Schwartz “ for supporting me and creating memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. “Love you TSWIZZ”.  After graduation Alex plans to college to either become a wildlife officer or a physical education teacher.

Zach Wiliams –Zach is the son of Kim Peters and Randy Williams.  Zach is second year member of the football team.  In his spare time Zach enjoys spending time with his friends, family and girlfriend Grace.  Zach’s favorite memory is of the practice when it was raining outside and the team did their Oklahoma drill in the rain and everyone was laughing and having fun.  Zach would like to thank his mom and dad for “everything they do for me”.  After graduation Zach plans to attend college to persue a career in law enforcement.

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