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NBHS Football Awards – 2014

North Baltimore High School Football presents awards for the 2014 season.
photos by Ferg

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Special Awards:
Brody Naugle- Captain’s Award;
Jacob Dick- Captain’s Award, Defensive Player Award;
Joe White – 4 Year Participation Award;
Alex Nichols- Scout Award;
Lane Bishop- Captain’s Award, Offensive Player Award, Iron Man Award, 4 Year Participation Award;
 Zach Meggitt – Captain’s Award
2nd year coach Greg Bishop added the following comments about the season:
“This past season we saw a lot of improvement in all aspects:  offensively, defensively, special teams, attitudes, numbers, etc…  The Senior Class has taken North Baltimore Football into territory that has been unfamiliar for quite some time.  For the 2015 season the weight room and conditioning will be huge part of our success, “Do not be upset with the results you get from the work you did not do,”  if we do not work hard in the off season we cannot be upset with bad results.
The 2015 season will be determined by the work and effort put into the off season conditioning and weight program.  The “I will do it on my own approach” will not work.  Doing it on your own this offseason will make athletes work at their comfort level instead of being pushed past it.
The football program needs to keep going in the direction it is, but it can only stay in that direction with hard offseason work and attendance. Weight room will start up again December 1st (Monday) right after school in the Woodruff building.

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