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NBHS Golf Awards Presented

North Baltimore High School Golf held their awards program Monday in the NBHS Auditoria and Coach Kathi Bucher presented the awards to the boys’ & girls’ golf teams.

From left to right- Anthony Mungia, Caleb Swope, Eli Smith, Jaden Bucher, Alexis Julien, and Zoey Beaupry (Fotos by Ferg)

Special Awards

BVC Honorable Mention – Caleb Swope

BVC All-Academic Award (Seniors only) – Caleb Swope, Eli Smith

Ohio Academic Coaches Award (Seniors only) – Caleb Swope, Eli Smith, Alexis Julien, Sarina Villegas

Ohio Coaches Honorable Mention Award – Caleb Swope, Alex Julien

4th Yr Varsity – Alexis Julien

4-yr Participation Award – Anthony Mungia, Alex Julien

Captain Award – Caleb Swope, Alexis Julien

MVP Award – Caleb Swope, Alexis Julien

Most Improved – Jaden Bucher, Sarina Villegas

Tiger Spirit Award – Eli Smith, Zoey Beaupry

Lowest Round – Caleb Swope 41, Alexis Julien 42


1st Yr JV – Mason Byrd, Trent Hill, Brendan Hutchins, Zoey Beaupry, Emily Swope

1st Yr Varsity – Jaden Bucher, Ellias Burleson, Brennin Gray-DuVall, Lilly Westgate

2nd Yr Varsity – Josh Rockhill, Eli Smith, Jordan Bucher

3rd Yr Varsity – Anthony Mungia, Caleb Swope, Valerie Buchanan, Hanna Rose, Sarina Villegas

4th Yr Varsity – Alexis Julien


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