North Baltimore, Ohio

November 28, 2023 8:28 pm

Robert N. Falkenstein, Ed.D.
Principal, North Baltimore Middle/High School
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Handbook changes for 2019-2020
  1. P 126 tardy to school needs copied and put at “Day of Participation” p 131. Page 131 Day of Participation: Prior approval (and the student has parent excused absence remaining).  Students involved in extracurriculars cannot participate in practice or events (athletic/drama/etc) the day when 2 tardies or more to school are reached for the year.
  1. Students who maintain all grades higher than “C” may apply to be a teacher’s aide during their study lab period. To be an aide, the teacher should email the building secretary with your name, class period and semester.  If students are removed from being an aide, they cannot ask another staff member and must return to study lab that semester.
  1. P 125 level 3 offense: OSS now allows credit for work
  1. The principal or designee may use a Search Wand or similar device to aid in detecting contraband. Prior to the search the student will be directed to empty pockets and hand over all items in possession.  If, after that warning, the Search Wand detects other contraband on the student or in his/her possession elsewhere, the student will face more severe punishment.
  1. 111 HS credit in MS: Add Spanish I
  1. New Heading “Dropping a Course”: After 10 school days in a semester no schedule changes are permitted. Students may not, for example, drop an elective course simply because they don’t need it to graduate.  In that case, the student receives a withdraw/fail with GPA calculations in effect.
  1. Identify differences between sexting and sextortion: Sextortion is a serious crime that occurs when someone threatens to distribute your private and sensitive material if you don’t provide them images of a sexual nature, sexual favors, or money. Any case involving sextortion will involve the SRO, local law enforcement and/or county resources and is considered a Level Three offense.
  1. Page 102-103 I have blended credit recovery with online courses/advanced credit
  1. Change tobacco possession/use penalty
    1. Students who attend Penta: from 3 days OSS to 3 days ISS (same as Penta)
    2. Students who attend everywhere else: from 3 days OSS to 2 days ISS with mandatory cessation classes.
  1. Diploma: North Baltimore High School will issue diplomas only once each year at the graduation date. When a person completes their requirements for graduation, they will be given a letter stating that they will be issued a diploma at graduation (if he or she needs it for employment purposes). EXCEPTION: Non-graduating seniors who successfully complete the credit recovery coursework before the next academic school year begins may receive the diploma from their intended graduation year. If a non-graduate successfully completes the credit recovery coursework after the next academic school year begins, he or she must wait until the next board meeting.
  1. Making up work during as OSS: Students who are suspended out of school (OSS) will be required to submit all homework, projects, papers and similar items on the day they return from suspension for full credit. Tests and assessments must be made up within 3 days of returning from OSS.  Any grade not completed on time will result in a zero.  Anything for a grade is the responsibility of the student to gather, arrange, complete and submit.  This could be done via email or phone calls.  While some work may be digital, it is the parent/guardians’ responsibility to come get other work from the school since the suspended student must remain off of school property.  The school does not take responsibility for gathering any materials unless directly asked by the student.
  1. Exam Opt Out: Change the deadline for signing up. Not 3 days before. More like the day before exams start.  Also, make discipline/unexcused the same…must be for whole semester, not just 2nd/4th

Explain leaving on exam days: If you opt out, you may leave the building any period of the day.  If your opt out backs up to a study lab, you can leave both periods. 

If your study lab is the 1st or last exam time slot, you can be out of the building.  If your study lab is in the middle of the day, you may still leave.  Always sign in and out.  Failure to attend an exam at the scheduled time results in an F.  If you opt out, make arrangements to leave. Do not loiter in an unassigned area.

  1. Page 127, add a STUDENT VACATION heading to make it stand out separately

  2. Added Arts Honors Diploma criteria and other diploma options
  1. Page 94: Delete 3 hour delay and add 2 hour early release bell schedule


  1. Dual sport participation: change to “MAJOR/MINOR”? Discuss with athletic council.
  1. Refusal: Any student who refuses to attempt to provide a sample is immediately removed from the team for the entire season.

Cannot provide sample: Students who cannot give an immediate sample will be given cups of water to facilitate their ability to give a sample. These students will be kept in a secured area until they are able to produce a sample. If they do not produce a sample within the 45-minute time limit from time of check in, they will be deemed ineligible to participate. The student must then go to the drug testing facility Great Lakes Biomedical in Perrysburg, OH to provide a sample in person within 24 hours. Parents, not the school, are responsible for providing transportation. Leaving during school time is not considered a doctor’s visit and will be unexcused, resulting in loss of practice or game time that night. The student must leave after school and can then return to attend practice with full participation only if a note from Great Lakes Biomedical is given to the coach. If as a result of being late for a bus to a game, the student may forfeit the right to play. Failure to do so within 24 hours results in immediate removal from the team for the entire season and loss of any athletic award.  In this situation, the students must submit a sample prior to participating in a game or practice.

Absent on drug testing day: If a student is absent on drug testing day, the students has 48 hours to go to Great Lakes Biomedical to submit a sample.  The students can still participate in practice/games.

  1. When serving an OSS or ISS, or after suspension for violating the drug testing policy, these rules are in effect:

*Practice day: The student attends practice but cannot participate with the team in drills or conditioning. However, the coach can give additional consequences.

     *Game day: The student must attend the game and sit with the team out of uniform.  The student must ride the bus.

     *Suspensions given by an official for violating OHSAA rules (such as receiving 2 technical fouls) are set by OHSAA and differ from the above.  The athletic director will explain those consequences such as not riding the bus or associating in any way with team members.

  1. Page130 rules: Pay to participate money must be turned in prior to receiving a jersey.
  2. Add to “RULES” on page 130. #10.  Roster additions can only be made up to “Picture Day” as set by the athletic director.  Except: foreign exchange or move-ins. 
  3. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will receive plaques and academic letters for earning and maintaining at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average through every semester of High School. Sophomores need 3 consecutive semesters, juniors need 5 consecutive semesters, and seniors need 7 consecutive semesters. The awards build over time (juniors and seniors cannot earn the 3 semester award, for example).
  4. ACT scores will be used to determine ties for class rank.
  5. Cell phone penalty #1: remove detention; #2: add detention, #3: change to ISS, not OSS.