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June 2, 2023 11:58 pm

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NB School Board Holds Monthly Meeting

by Sue Miklovic

The Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting last Tuesday, at the NBHS building.

Most of the action was the usual approval of expenditures , mandates, and superintendent’s recommendations.

Highlights of the meeting included:

Accepted the reirement resignations from Jeanne Titus, Elementary teacher, and RJ Swartz, Custodian. Both are effective June 1.

Approved a one-year disability leave for high school science teacher Anthony Mulholland.

Approved asphalt paving of the gravel area of the HS/MS parking lot. This does not include the bus parking area. No general funds will be used to pay for this. Money will come from the sale of the former school property.

Superintendents Report-Mr. Ryan Delaney

Working on the reconciling of OSFC accounts. We have gone through a period of non-communication with the three major contractors. We have reestablished the lines of communication so that everyone is talking again.

School levy signs are prepared to be distributed the first week of April.

Mr. Delaney is visiting classrooms as often as possible

North Baltimore High School Principal’s Report – Dr. Bob Falkenstein

1. Performance Based Assessments are all done. OGTs are done. All students in each grade and subject were tested.
2. Winter Sports Awards were done differently last night
3. We attended the BVC Banquet last week for senior Winter athletes
4. Scheduling for next year is done; processing it all now. We are offering two new electives: College Readiness I and II. We had 40 students enroll into them to prepare for the ACT, research and other college skills.
5. The musical last weekend was phenomenal!! Funny. Live orchestra. Hats off to Miss Meyerson and Mr. Pack!
6. College Credit Plus is being implemented; all state guidelines were followed (30 in attendance plus about 20 more individual meetings with Mr. Kipplen)
7. Spring drug testing is done in my building; going on to Penta/other locations
8. Spring sports are ready! Will be attending over spring break
9. I’ve been to 3 different businesses recently who asked me about student employment. I am sharing that information with students. One business manager is coming in to talk with me in more detail on Thursday, March 26.
10.Paws for a Cause is having a Zumba Marathon on Saturday night, March 28. The fundraiser will support their Habitat for Humanity community service trip.
11. Mock Crash April 30. Mock Crash Follow Up May 1. Prom May 2.
12. Exactly 2 months from today is Commencement

Powell Elemntary Principal Report-Mr. Scott Lockwood

Tiger Paws, the after-school math reading and homework assistance program is making progress with the students and helping them build confidence.

A new teacher, Mrs. Laura Gahn, hired through WCESC, was welcomed. She teaches the Self-contained Special Education class.

A new reading curriculum has been selected for the Primary classes for next year.

Kindergarten registration for next year will be held April 6-April 17. Children who are five years old by August 2 are eligible to enroll. Registration is 9am until 2pm at Powell Elementary.

During the Athletic/Recreation Council Report, Mr. Delaney said,”I’m all smiles right now” in reference to the figures he has received recently for some of the fields that will be added to the property soon.

Student Achievement Liaison, Cheryl Cotterman commended Mr. Lockwood on his Academic Luncheons he provides for the students who earn it, and for the personal details he adds to make it special.

The Board adjourned at 6;55pm and moved to Executive Session, with no further action expected to be taken.

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