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NBHS Quiz Bowl Having a Great Season

NBHS Quiz Bowl is having an amazing season!  Led by top scorers Garrett Byrd and Brendan Hutchins, the team is currently in second place in the league, with an impressive record of 18 – 3.
NBHS Quiz Bowl Team at the WBGSU studio , taping “Brain Games”
Quiz Bowl has fun for Halloween
Quiz Bowl “Pajama Day”

The team has one regular season match left (11/6) to play before tournament play, which will take place on 11/13.

During tournament play, the first place team in the league sits out and the remaining teams battle for the second bid to tournament advancement, which, as the second place team, NB has an excellent chance of securing.

Quiz Bowl Team at Homecoming

Please root for and congratulate our players as they work to finish strong during their best season in years, especially our seniors, Garrett Byrd, Olivia Hyatt, and team manager Danielle McPherson.

Garrett Byrd
Brendan Hutchins
Abby Empcke
Gabe Greco
Olivia Hyatt
Olivia Matthes
Meg Empcke
Rhiannon Powell
Harley Cole
Wyatt Mowery
Alex Trout
Danielle McPherson
Meghan Thompson
Mali Combs
Alysia Horner
submitted by Mallory Huffman, Advisor

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