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February 22, 2024 3:45 pm

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NBML – Week 6 Results

The North Baltimore Men’s Basketball League has 6 week of play in, with no undefeated teams. Jordan Watson led the league in scoring this week knocking down 31 points, Gabe Delosreyes with 25 and Levi Newcomer with 21.

Game #1

ServiceMaster: 47

Reineke Family : 57

Leading scorers for ServiceMaster:

Spencer Smith with 11

Tyler Benschoter with 9

Leading scorers for Reineke Family:

Levi Newcomer with 21

Nick Brossia with 14

Game #2

Gerdeman Insurance: 67

Miller Insurance: 61

Leading scorers for Gerdeman Insurance:

Adam Ward with 19

Adam Burris with 14

Leading scorers for Miller Insurance:

Brody Naugle with 17

Derek McMahan with 17

Game #3

Patterson Sanitation: 82

Caseys Sales: 63

Leading scorers for Patterson Sanitation:

Gabe Delosreyes with 25

Lane Bishop with 17

Leading scorers for Caseys Sales:

Jacob Casey with 20

Sean Watson with 18

Game #4

Mak & Ali’s: 39

Hagemyer Trucking: 72

Leading scorers for Mak & Ali’s:

Troy Rayle with 16

Mitch Archer with 10

Tony Lennard with 10

Leading scorers for Hagemyer Trucking:

Jordan Watson with 31

Joey Hagemyer with 14

Records after week 12-04-16:

Reineke Family Dealership: 5-1

Gerdeman Insurance: 4-2

Miller Insurance: 4-2

Patterson Sanitation: 4-2

ServiceMaster: 3-3

Hagemyer Trucking: 2-4

Casey’s Sales: 1-5

Mak & Ali’s: 1-5

Next week’s schedule for 12-11-16:

Game #1: Hagemyer Trucking vs. Gerdeman Insurance

Game #2: Mak & Ali’s vs. Reineke Family Dealership

Game #3: Patterson Sanitation vs. ServiceMaster

Game #4: Caseys Sales vs. Miller Insurance

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