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April 1, 2023 9:18 am

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New Show starts tonight (Friday) at VMP

The Virginia Theater in Downtown North Baltimore has reopened and will be offering a new show starting tonight!

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Friday, January 9th  –   Thursday, January 15th
Get ready for the wildest and most adventure-filled Night At the Museum ever as Larry (Ben Stiller) spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever.
Show Times

Friday:         7:00

Saturday:    1:00  |  4:00  |  7:00  |  9:00

Sunday:       1:00  |  4:00  |  7:00

Tuesday & Thursday:          7:00


$4.00   Tickets for all ages & All shows   

$6.00   3-D Movies   

6 Responses

  1. This is pretty comical.

    What we have here folks is someone who more than likely doesn’t attend the theatre in our town, and probably isnt even from North Baltimore.

    JJ, lets talk business, or Economics 101 as you put it. I have managed many many businesses, and still operate several of my own, very successfully. Im sure you dont really know the movie business, so ill give forgive some on your non-sense.

    Welcome to this small, independent theatre in lovely downtown North Baltimore, a population of approximately 3,500 (not even), and frequent patrons from towns 20 miles in radius who love this place. This is not a corporation, or any megaplex you have ever attended.

    1. Do you know there is ONE screen at this theatre?

    2. The theatre is not permissible to show two films at the same time, unless both movies are very old.

    3. Advertising? Did you know the theatre has social media (facebook) and a website? Its the “new” (ok, not new) marketing tool in business. As a matter of fact, its better because they update their movie showtimes and events almost daily. It doesnt require someone to purchase a newspaper and get it on a Thursday to see what is showing for the weekend. And, they even have an e-mail list to distribute the latest movies and showtimes.

    4. Perhaps if you are so concerned about the “business plan” of this theatre, you can meet with the PRIVATE OWNER (by the way this is not municipality or tax-run theatre as you make it sound to be). The own may just show you what a rated R (or other genre than family) films are doing here. Its a wild guess, but I can count on rated R movies do not do so well here in North Baltimore, after-all, this is a family-run theatre.

    5. I personally know the owner of this theatre, and he dumps a lot of his own money into it, just to keep a nice place for the people who appreciate it to come. By the way, the owner has other jobs, this is more of a hobby. WE have donated some bucks in return, to help out, and so we had a nice place to go, for a less expensive night out. And since you are concerned about the management and operations of this location, maybe the owner can show you the P/L (profit/loss) for this business. Do you really think small theatres like this around the country make anything? Mega-plexs themselves cant even keep their doors open ….. its not a question on how it is ran. You can find many related articles at (and you will also see the hundreds of theatre closures weekly)!

    6. There are no plans to change. We absolutely love this theatre and anyone who attends here loves it just as much. We love the movies that are showing and understand that this theatre cannot possibly show every movie from Hollywood, so they have to select movies that are going to do good.

    Whats great about America is, we have options. If you dont agree with something, or if there is simply a product or service you dont enjoy there are other places to go…. and enjoy paying the price.

    And if it doesnt make sense driving all the way to North Baltimore, then perhaps, you obviously know you have better options else where.

    Forgive me for you may have not fully have knowledge on this “project”, but you should read the equipment belongs to the theatre, not the owner of the business, but the owner of the building (the owner does not own the building, he only owns the business). Keep on reading.

  2. JJ, here’s the thing, NB is a small town, and guess what, small town thinking, which in this case is just what you have here. We as a community said we wanted the theater to stay open and then not just said it, but backed it up with the needed funding and promotion. Why?? Because that is what we do, and I hope to see more of it. If there is a need, there are people who care and will rally to it, the theater is not just a business to many of us. It has never claimed to be ran as a true “business”, instead it’s more of a community service and the community stepped up and gave back.

    I am sure that if you’d like to spread the word and get support from some of the other towns you mentioned it would be very much appreciated. From going to a number of shows for the last couple of years, it seems the Pg13 and under movies are what draw the people who do come, thus that is what they show. Please, I’m sure they will show a PG13 or R show, rally as much support to fill the seats when that happens as you can and I’m sure you’ll see more of that type of show shown.

    Nice to see you’re passionate about something having to do with the theater. Hope to see you supporting some of the shows you’re interested in and I’m sure if you’d like to drop an extra two dollars to them they’d be glad to accept.

  3. I’m happy it’s re opened,,,,,READ please. What I’m not happy about is the price structure/advertising and the fact it was said NO rated R movies. IT doesn’t make sense to have my kids go to this theatre while I go to BG or Findlay to see a movie like American Sniper or the new Avengers movie coming.
    How bout I open a pizza place and ONLY sell cheese pizza, and charge $3, and when it fails I’ll ask for donations and do the exact same thing once I re open? Duh. Makes zero sense and this plan isn’t going to work, if it DID we wouldn’t of had to DONATE in the first place. Economics 101.

  4. I commend this town for supporting the theatre and keeping it open, BUT this is an example of how to throw money away!
    The people of North Baltimore gave a business NEW life that NO other business would of received, and the business plan stays the SAME!? Does anyone believe if $6 a ticket(much cheaper than any other theatre around)and a weekly adult (pg-13/R) movie after 7 p.m. were played here that perhaps a town handout could of been averted in the first place? When business needs to update or upgrade and it can not be afforded, does it say anything about the business plan of the management in place? This is absurd. Here is a business that the people saved due to POOR planning and it’s business as usual with the new life. How long before we need another bailout? I commend the fact that kid friendly movies are playing, amen to that…..BUT I would like to make the trip to a theatre to watch Horrible Bosses 2, American Sniper, etc also!! Why send my kids to one theatre and I head to another? And $4 for adults is not a great deal…it’s a death blow! And why not advertise some? Do people in Hamler, Weston, Custar, etc know this place exists and what shows are playing? If they are aware why would they come on aregular basis? Price only goes so far, the ACTUAL movie DOES play a part in the attraction! Keep the family/kid movies playing, God bless for that, BUT run dual movies with late shows being for the ADULTS! No other poorly run business(clothing store, gas station, car dealer, reteraunt, etc)gets $60k handed to them when times get tough or upgrades are needed. This business did! And after pulling at the heartstrings of a generous town, run it the same way that failed! Change the plan PLEASE!

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