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New Sign goes up at NB Historical Society

In spite of a pandemic, there are still good things happening at the Historical Society.  A new sign was installed on Thursday afternoon by Eagle Scout candidate Jordan Kimmel of NB Boy Scout Troop 315.  Jordan planned, designed and completed the project in coordination with the NB library board and the NBOAHS board. 

Eagle Scout Candidate Jordan Kimmel with his completed project –a new sign at the NB Historical Society. Well Done, Jordan!!

Jordan got a little help from family and friends:  Mike Kimmel, Marina Kimmel, Cheryl Kimmel (supervisor), Johnnie Hernandez, Levi Trout, Wyatt Mowery, and Larry Bateson.  The sign stands in front of the L. L. Trout Sr. parlor window facing Main Street.

Many hands pitching in to help…..
Jordan adding some landscaping
Jordan and his Dad


Source: Thanks to Margaret Bobb for submitting this information to TheNBXpress

One thought on “New Sign goes up at NB Historical Society”

  1. Who says all the young people of today are lazy and don’t care about anything important? Congratulations Jordan and thank you so much for doing such a great thing as this! You are marked for success and leadership in your life. And thanks to you parents, too. You are a fine example of good parenting.

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