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9th “Don’t Stress Over the Dress” Event a Success

Thanks to Jim James of The Shelly Company for sending this final report of the “Don’t Stress Over the Dress” event which helps provide prom wearables for those young ladies in need:

The 9th annual “Don’t Stress Over the Dress”  was held March 10th, 11th and 12th at the Findlay Village Mall.  We partnered again this year with  Chopin Hall and the Findlay Village Mall  and it was a very successful event.  This event involves many hours, over 380, dedicated to preparing, hosting, and executing this event.  This would not be possible without the support from our own Shelly Team, Chopin Hall and numerous volunteers from our Findlay community and beyond. Kudos to you all!

At the beginning of the Donation Drive, we were not sure if we would have any new additions to our already plentiful stock of dresses.  To our surprise, we had over 400 dresses donated this season, which allowed us to start with over 1,000 dresses for the event.  Excited, yes, but worried if we could fit the additional dresses in the space at the mall.  In addition to this, we had over 300 shoes in stock and 432 pieces of jewelry to give away as well.

We had 345 girls from 82 different schools register over the three days of the event.  Out of those 345 girls, 77 different schools were represented and 255 dresses were given away which equated to 74%, which is up 12%  from 2016.  The number attending was up 112 girls from 2016 and this could be due to how the girls are hearing about this event. We track how the girls find out about the event, and we found out Facebook, friends and school are the most popular means of advertising that is effective.  We did however have over 30 girls note they heard of the event through the radio or TV segments which is an increase from previous years.

Even though the event is over, we are always accepting donations.  We are always in need of smaller sized dresses from 0-2 and larger sized dresses from 20 and up.  With limited funding the committee had this year, we purchased several dresses in the larger sizes noted and we started with 34 dresses and at the end the event we had 5 left in inventory.  We ask that dresses be in style, no older than 5 years old, clean and in good shape.  We have numerous drop off locations available, and if you have any questions you can contact the Findlay office.

On behalf of the DSOTD committee, we are happy to be a part of this event and take pride in knowing that we are trying to help those in the communities where we work and live.  Success is only possible with support from those that care, and the 2017 DDOTD event was proof of this.

Editor’s note: Congratulations on another unique, successful project

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