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No “50 Year Club” this year

Due to the recent passing of Cathy Eninger, who was spearheading the 50 Year Club for last few years, and the resignation of Larry Slaughterbeck  who assisted, the event is cancelled. 

The 50 Year Club was an annual luncheon meeting of NBHS Alumni who celebrated graduating 50 years and more. It is believed to have begun in 1965.

2 thoughts on “No “50 Year Club” this year”

  1. When our high school days are over,
    And for school days past we sigh,
    We’ll remember all the fun,
    As well as all we’ve done,
    In the classes of our dear old N.B. High.

    We’ll love thee forever,
    Our friendships never sever,
    To our colors loyal be,
    Thy praises we will sing,
    All honor to thee bring,
    North Baltimore, we’ll e’er be true to thee.

    1. This is sad for sure. Kathy was a classmate of mine and her passing was sad and unexpected. I do hope someone comes forward and takes up the job of her responsibilities in keeping this going since her passing. We were truly blessed to have this organization and a special thanks to all who helped and coordinated the event every year.

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