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North Baltimore Ballot Candidates Nov. 2017

North Baltimore will be having three contested races for elected positions, including Village Council, the Board of Education and Henry Township!

by JP Miklovic

As I scrolled through the Wood County Board of Elections candidate list I thought it sad that so many smaller, and not so small communities, would have trouble getting enough candidates to run for open seats on councils, boards, trustees, etc. We are blessed in NB to have all three of our races being contested, meaning that there is at least one more candidate, than seats to fill!

FOR CANDIDATES we offer one free article and photo to post in TheNBXpress.com. All a candidate needs to do is email us DIGITAL (Word, pdf., jpeg.) files. It is the candidates choice of format, whether it is a letter to voters, resume, outline, issues related or Q & A format. It is the candidates choice! (editor@thenbxpress.com)

As far as our readers showing support for candidates, we will accept letters to the editor for candidates or on issues (DIGITALLY). We do reserve the right to edit any submission. ALL submissions must be signed and include a VALID email address for verifying that the submission is legit.

Here are our list of candidates:

North Baltimore Village
Council Four to be Elected

Matt Beegle 202 Southlawn Dr. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

Tim Engard 328 N. Main St. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

Aaron Patterson 513 N. Third St. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

Arthur Patterson III 439 Central Ave. North Baltimore III Ohio 45872

Richard Rose Write-In 423 W. State St. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

North Baltimore Local School District
Board of Education Three to be Elected

Timothy J. Archer Jr. 206 S. Taylor St. North Baltimore Jr. Ohio 45872

Marcy R. Byrd 306 N. Tarr St. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

James T. Ishmael 225 East St. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

Jeremy Z. Sharninghouse 405 N. Main St. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

Henry Township
Trustee Two to be Elected

Jay A. Baltz 125 Central Ave. North Baltimore Ohio 45872

Cliff Brumbaugh 16864 Oil Center Rd. Cygnet Ohio 43413

James L. Wymer Jr. P.O. Box 65 North Baltimore Jr. Ohio 45872

Wood County Board of Elections Nov. 2017 Candidates

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