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North Baltimore Board of Education Holds February Meeting

by Sue Miklovic

The North Baltimore Board of Education met at 2012 Tiger Drive on Tuesday evening for their February meeting.

Highlights from the meeting included the hiring of Zach Walls as Head Football Coach. Mr. Walls is a teacher at Powell Elementary School and has been a part of the NBHS football program for the last five years. He reported 46 kids have expressed interest in the football program for next year, and over 20 are already spending time in the weight room. “We’re looking to build this program” he said.

North Baltimore Head Football Coach Zach Walls

Superintendent Ryan Delaney report:

-Girls basketball is finished.
-Patterson brothers, Jonathan and David, are wrestling in Tiffin on Friday
-In light of recent events in the country, we have reviewed school safety plans.
-Mr. Delaney reported, “100% of North Baltimore Seniors have sufficient points to graduate. Many schools are not able to say that. That’s phenomenal”
-“I attended the Junior High Quiz Bowl match. “Let me tell you, when you leave there, you will not feel very smart” Delaney said.

NBMS/HS Dr. Bob Falkenstein report:

  1. School safety: staff training at in-service in August, roundtable discussion with local agencies, spring drill. All state mandates are being completed on time.
  2. Date change: Academic Honors Night is Wednesday, May 9 at 7 pm
  3. The ACT was given to all district juniors today (Tuesday)! (Editor’s note: Dr. Falkenstein reported, “Our students took a “Paper and pencil version of the test”, while other area schools opted for the on-line test. They were not able to finish when the internet went down”)
  4. Curriculum and scheduling is done for next year. We are adding 5 new courses next year: Dual Enrollment Art Appreciation and Dual Enrollment History of Western Art, Graphic Design (using Photoshop), Digital World (robotics, computer science, coding, web design), and Global Foods.  We rebranded Computer Apps 1 +2 into a semester course called Digital Tools.  Since 2012 we deleted some courses that were outdated or no longer necessary including Book Keeping and Google Apps.  We started and then dropped iWrite after 5 years.  We revived Anatomy.  We also added the courses of Fitness (weight lifting), Astronomy, iReady, Wellness, Pop Culture, College Readiness 1 + 2, two Dual Enrollment GSW(Writing) courses, STEM, Guitar 1 + 2, History of Rock and Roll, Business Law, Interior Design, and Geography!  And we added our brand new Cross Categorical Resource Room this year, which is a whole program in itself.  And I am not counting our 500 new online courses that we can offer through Fueled Online.  We maintain and grow our other courses as well. Compared to 2012 we are offering 23 new courses next year!  All of them are built from scratch or rough outlines!  Our teachers deserve all of the credit!
  5. Pilot Exam Opt Out

Trial Exam Opt Out–Spring 2018

The goal of the program is to offer a one course exam opt out for each 9-12 student who attend the NBHS campus in Spring 2018.

  1. Requires double A or A- (for Q3 and Q4) in NBHS courses. Students cannot opt out of dual enrollment, CCP, or online exams.
  2. Students must be detention free and have no unexcused absences for the 4th
  3. This program is aimed at the “B-C” students…to work for As.
  4. Requires teachers to get grades in a little earlier than usual. Students must notify Dr. Bob by the day before the first exam day (so by May 23 for underclassmen).  Exams are May 24-25.  In that way students don’t try to get out of more than 1 exam.  Students notify me in the office, and I will keep a running list to send to teachers.
  5. Seniors have exams on Friday, May 18 so seniors will notify me by Thursday the 17th.
  6. When a student opts out, the student can leave campus regardless of which period is opted. Sign-outs and sign-ins are required.

Powell Elementary Principal Mr. Mark Lange report:

We are on-track to have all of our 3rd grade students eligible to move onto 4th grade next year.   The majority of the students have either passed the 3rd Grade Statewide Reading assessment or the alternative 3rd Grade Reading Assessment.  Any student who did not pass the statewide assessment was placed on a RIMP (Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan) and is receiving 30 minutes of direct reading intervention daily.  All students will again take the statewide assessment in April and will have another opportunity to pass the alternative assessment.

The Powell PTA hosted a Daddy Daughter Dance on February 10th.  The turnout was tremendous and interest in the event was very high.  I would like to thank all of those involved for giving of their time and talents to make the dance a reality.  It is wonderful to have an active PTA again!

Once again, spring conferences were a great success.  Teachers were asked to make contact with all parents.  Just as last year, teachers could either e-mail, call, or meet in person in an attempt to save time and allow for longer face-to-face conferences.

The book fair was held during conference week as usual.  Pamela Weisbrod reported strong sales and a great deal of interest once again.  I would like to personally thank the Powell PTA for helping provide assistance at the book fair.  We had a number of dedicated volunteers that proved to be a tremendous help with the management of the entire three-day event.   Their helping hands were greatly appreciated.

Zach Walls held the annual Powell Jump Rope for Heart event on the morning of February 15th.  Students participated in a jump-a-thon to raise awareness of healthy living.  The program is sponsored by the Society of Health and Physical Educators.

Fifth grade students will kick off their annual cookie dough sales tomorrow, February 28th and the sale will run through March 8th.  The sale helps to off-set the cost of the 6th grade outdoor education trip to Camp Storer in Jackson, Michigan.

I am currently in the process of exploring other fund-raising opportunities for Powell.  We are currently using Great American Opportunities and this year’s revenue ended up around $6,900.  We spent nearly $2,000 on prizes and incentives this year which was higher than we anticipated.  Mr. Delaney and I have made some contacts to see what other types of fund-raising possibilities might be available and more favorable in our community.  We currently have one, large fund-raiser that pays for events such as Donuts for Dads, Muffins for Moms, Family Night, Honor Roll rewards, etc.  We also invested in several new pieces of playground equipment at the beginning of this school year.

Family night is this Thursday evening beginning at 5:30!  A light supper will be served in the Powell cafeteria followed by events for the whole family throughout the building.  Mrs. Detamore has chaired the Family Night committee and has done a fantastic job of organizing the event.  All of the teachers that are helping with the event have given generously of their time and talents.  A hearty “thank you” goes out to all involved, and I look forward to an outstanding turnout Thursday!  A great time should be had by all!

I have the schedule for next year about 95% complete.  At this point, I anticipate only minor changes to teaching assignments for next year.

The end of the 3rd 9-weeks is Friday, March 16th.  We are almost ¾ of the way through the year already!

I invite all members of the community to a sign and drive fund-raiser event hosted at Powell this Thursday in partnership with Reineke Chrysler Dodge Jeep of North Baltimore.  Cars will be available for test drive from 3:00 pm to around 7:00.  For every individual that takes a short test drive around the block, Powell will receive $10.  Please come out and support the school and a local partnership business!

Spring 2018 Testing Schedule

Language Arts Testing Window                  March 26 – April 27

Math, Sc, SS Testing Window                      April 2 – May 11

Third time is hopefully the charm!  Our STEM assembly, sponsored by the Ohio Soybean Council, that was scheduled twice before this year is now slated to take place on Friday, March 9th!  All I can say is that I sure hope this assembly lives up to its promise!

Others notes and actions of interest:

*End of the 3rd 9-weeks is March 16th.
*The NBHS gym lights are being replaced with LEDs during Spring Break.
*Mr. Lange received a new three year contract, beginning August 1, 2018 with a base salary of $77,367 for 210 days per year.
*Approved a Paternity Leave for Mr. Gregorsok in April (2 weeks).
*Ali Baker named Head Volleyball Coach.
*The Board moved to Executive Session after the meeting was adjourned. According to Board President Mrs. Tami Thomas, “No action will be taken”

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