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North Baltimore High School Class of 2017 Earns Awards and Scholarships

Several NBHS 2017 Graduates earned numerous awards and scholarship dollars for furthering their educations. Here is a list as provided from the NBHS Guidance Office.

Seniors earning an Honors Diploma:
 Bailey Boyer, Alexis Julien, Connor Law, Cassidy Hiser, Ashley Rainbolt, Elijah Smith,  Aaron Fisher, Makayla Light, Catlin Cook


National Honor Society Members of the Senior Class:

Bailey Boyer, Catlin Cook, Aaron Fisher, Cassidy Hiser, Alexis Julien, Brandon Lanning, Connor Law, Makalya Light, Kiah Powell, Ashley Rainbolt, Elijah Smith, Sarina Villegas


Penta Career Center National Technical Honor Society Member:

Jazmin Bland


Seniors with 100+ Hours of Volunteer Community Service:

   Oakland Althauser, Morgan Bowen, Noah Brian, Kiah Powell, Seth Thompson


Junior Class Honor Guards:

Valerie Buchanan, Noah Cotterman, Kyle Gerdeman, Julian Hagemyer, Gabriele Kepling, David Patterson

Scholarship Recipients –


Bailey Boyer  University of Findlay Presidential Scholarship

($16,000/year)  $64,000

 NB American Legion Post #539 Scholarship                           1,000

  The Herringshaw Scholarship                                                3,629

  Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative Scholarship                1,000

 Total Award                          $69,629

At the University of Findlay Bailey will study Physical Therapy.



Morgan Bowen  Literary & Lyric Circle Scholarship                               $250

                                                                        Total Award                          $250

While attending Columbus State Community College, Morgan will study Event Management.



Noah Brian    University of Findlay Deans’ Scholarship ($10,000/year)      $40,000

                                                Total Award                          $40,000

Noah will attend the University of Findlay in the fall.



Gage Carles  University of Toledo Trustees Scholarship ($4,000/year)        $16,000

                                                                          Total Award                                    $16,000

Mechanical Engineering will be Gage’s field of study at The University of Toledo.



Catlin Cook  North Baltimore Rotary Scholarship                                   $1,000

                                                                        Total Award                          $1,000

Inclusive Early Childhood Education will be Catlin’s major while attending BGSU.



Tanner Gray-DuVall  NBHS Alumni Association Scholarship                $750

                                                                        Total Award                          $750

Tanner will study Medical Laboratory Science while attending BGSU.



Aurelian Greeno OSU Excellence Scholarship ($10,010/year)                           $40,040

                              NB American Legion Post #539 Scholarship                    1,000

                                                                           Total Award                       $41,040

While attending The Ohio State University, Aurelian will study Political Science.



Trent Hill  BGSU Freshman Academic Scholarship ($2500/year)                  $10,000

                                                                        Total Award                          $10,000

Computer Science will be Trent’s major while attending Bowling Green State University.



Cassidy Hiser   BGSU Freshman Academic Scholarship ($4,000/year)      $16,000

North Baltimore Rotary Scholarship                                      500

                                                            Total Award                          $16,500

At Bowling Green State University Cassidy will pursue a degree in Education.



Alexis Julien     Heidelberg Fellows Award ($16,000/year)                               $64,000

                           NBHS Alumni Association Scholarship                                   750

                           NBHS American Red Cross Scholarship                                250

                           Jorgen Larsen Scholastic Scholarship                                   1,500

                           NB American Legion Post #539 Scholarship                        1,000

                                                                          Total Award                         $67,500

While attending Heidelberg University, Alexis will study Graphic Design.



Brandon Lanning  The Ability Center of Greater Toledo Scholarship   $5,000

Total Award                      $5,000

At Bowling Green State University Brandon will pursue a degree in Meteorology.



Connor Law     Ohio Northern University Trustee Scholarship

                                                                                   ($25,400/year)                      $101,600

                                                                               Total Award                   $101,600

Physics will be Connor’s major while attending Ohio Northern University.



Makayla Light  University of Findlay Presidents Scholarship

                             ($14,000/ 5 years)           $70,000

                              UF Institutional Award                ($17,400/5 years)                 87,000

                            North Baltimore Rotary Scholarship                                     500

                            North Baltimore School Scholarship                                      500

                            NBEA Spirit Scholarship                                                        500

                            Millstream Area Credit Union Scholarship                           500

                                                                        Total Award                          $159,000

Makayla will study Pharmacy at the University of Findlay.



Anthony Mungia  Bluffton University Trustees Scholarship

      ($12,000/year)              $48,000

                                                                                                      Total Award                    $48,000

While at Bluffton University, Anthony will study Business Management.



Kiah Powell  Malone University Dean’s Scholarship  ($13,500/year)             $54,000              

                       Malone Women’s Basketball Scholarship ($16,500/year)         66,000

                       Huntington Spitler Memorial Scholarship                                  550

                       NBHS Class of 1972 Memorial Scholarship                               500

                       Jorgen Larsen Scholastic Scholarship                                       1,500

                                                                          Total Award                                    $122,550

Nursing will be Kiah’s major while attending Malone University.



Andrew Shelton   BGSU Freshman Academic Scholarship ($2500/year)  $10,000

                                                         Total Award                          $10,000

At Bowling Green State University Andrew will major in Education.



Elijah Smith  BGSU Freshman Academic Scholarship ($4000/year)            $16,000

                                                                        Total Award                          $16,000

While attending Bowling Green State University, Eli will study Communications.



James Smith  Bluffton University Academic Excellence Scholarship     

                                                                                                ($15,000/year)    $60,000

                                                                           Total Award                       $60,000

Criminal Justice will be Jimmy’s major at Bluffton University.


Seth Thompson  BGSU Freshman Academic Scholarship ($2500/year)    $10,000

                                                                        Total Award                          $10,000

Seth plans to major in Computer Science & Engineering at Bowling Green State University.



Sarina Villegas  Southeastern University Academic Scholarship

($8000/year)       $32,000

                                     Southeastern Hispanic Scholarship  ($2000/year)                    8,000

                                                                        Total Award                          $40,000

Communications will be Sarina’s major at Southeastern University.




Total Scholarship Awards for the Class of 2017:  $834,819.00



In addition to the above awards, the HOBY Outstanding Sophomore Sierrah Johnson was recognized as were Athletic and Student Council Award recipients.

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