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North Baltimore Police Chief Named

by Sue Miklovic

Prior to the beginning of the Village Council meeting on Tuesday night, Pastor Mike Soltis of the Bridge Fellowship offered a stirring prayer for the community, encouraging everyone to work together for the good of the village. He also offered a prayer of thanksgiving for Allyson Murray and the wonderful things she has done for us while she was the Village Administrator.

One of the tasks to be completed at Tuesday’s Village Council meeting was to name a police chief.

After a brief executive session, when the meeting resumed, Officer Dave Lafferty was offered the position of Police Chief, effective September 24th. He responded, “I accept.”

Council President Art Patterson and Mayor Janet Goldner congratulate Dave Lafferty, new NB Police Chief during Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Chief Lafferty has been with the NBPD for 19 years, including one year with the Auxiliary. He served the last five years as Assistant Chief. “I’m excited to get started. We have a lot of things to get fixed, ” he said.

North Baltimore’s new Police Chief takes the helm on Monday, September 24.

Also, at the meeting, local resident Logan Spangenberg was hired as a part-time patrolman for the NBPD.

Logan Spangenberg joins NBPD.

More about the rest of the meeting in “Village Council Meeting-Part 2”

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