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North Baltimore’s Local Election Choices

On Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2015 North Baltimore, Ohio has a choice in electing a new mayor and two council seats in the village government. This is a very important election for our community and it is important that voters get out and vote! There are multiple WRITE – IN candidates.

North Baltimore Village

Mayor (One to be Elected):

Malcom Lynn Cameron 515 State St. North Baltimore – Write-In
Janet L. Goldner 603 N. 2nd St. North Baltimore

Clerk-Treasurer (One to be Elected):

No Candidate Filed

Council (Two to be Elected):

Matthew L. Archer 210 N. 2nd St. North Baltimore – Write-In
Ronald Ty Carles 207 Poplar St. North Baltimore
Susan L Seiler 308 W. Broadway St. North Baltimore – Write-In
Jennifer Beth Vanlerberg 823 Foley Run North Baltimore – Write-in

Henry Township

Fiscal Officer (One to be Elected):

Matthew H. Davis 16360 Ohio Oil Rd. Cygnet

Trustee (One to be Elected):

John Stewart 13613 Quarry Rd. North Baltimore

North Baltimore Local School District

Board of Education (Two to be Elected):

Jaimye J. Bushey 228 S. Main St. North Baltimore
Tami Thomas 600 E. Broadway St. North Baltimore

Official digital write-in voting procedures were hard to come by in our search. From past experience we recollect that you can ask for a list of the Write-In Candidates from the folks at the Board of Elections table, as it is important to write the name accurately and neatly – otherwise IT WILL NOT COUNT. If you are not sure what to do, please ask for assistance, each and every vote is important.

NOTE TO THE CANDIDATES: If you would like to submit a “Letter to the Readers of” and a photo and/or a flyer –

please email to :


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