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Sealed proposals will be received for the North Baltimore Local Schools Site Improvements at North Baltimore Board of Education, no later than 1:00 pm, EST on August 19, 2015 at which time the proposals shall be read publicly. Proposals must be delivered to the Office of Ryan Delaney, Superintendent at the North Baltimore Board of Education, 201 South Main Street, North Baltimore, Ohio 45872. Proposals received after the date and time shall be considered late and will be returned to the submitting party unopened.

Project scope of work includes but is not limited to the site preparation and installation of a new baseball field and softball field including irrigation and electrical, at North Baltimore Middle/High School as indicated in the drawings and specifications. A single contract will be issued for all work, per school. In accordance with the Plans and Specifications Prepared by:

Thomas Porter Architects
8 North St. Clair
Toledo, Ohio 43604-1028
Phone: (419) 243-2400
Fax: (419) 243-2405
Email: julie.apt@porterarch.com
Contact: Julie Apt

Bidding documents may be obtained from Thomas Porter Architects, 8 North St. Clair, Toledo, Ohio 43604 (419.243.2400). CONTRACTORS may obtain an electronic copy OR a maximum of two (2) sets for a deposit of $50.00 each (payable to North Baltimore Local Schools), shipping charges collect. Deposit will be refunded upon return of the documents in good condition within ten (10) days of bid opening.

A pre-bid meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, at 1:00 pm, at the site, North Baltimore Middle/High School, 2012 Tiger Drive, North Baltimore, Ohio 45872. Attendance is not a prerequisite to subsequent award of the contract; however, attendance is strongly suggested. The general scope of work will be discussed and contractor’s questions will be addressed. The pre-bid conference will not become part of the contract.

Bids shall be received on the Form of Bid Proposal furnished. No other form will be accepted.

North Baltimore Local Schools reserves the right to waive irregularities in the bids and to reject any or all proposals or parts of any or all proposals.

No bidder may withdraw his bid within sixty (60) days after bid opening.

North Baltimore Local Schools
Board of Education
Ryan Delaney


Publication Dates: North Baltimore School Webpage – August 3, 2015 & NBX Press – August 10, 2015

2 thoughts on “NOTICE TO BIDDERS – NB Local Schools”

  1. I understand that the baseball field is not big enough but the field is still in working condition. The softball field has had a lot of work done to it. So why them first? We have no track for the track team, every other sport has something except track! Unless your calling whats at Powell school a track? I don’t agree and yes its a lot of money to put one in, so lets not spend money on things we already have.Yes track they say isn’t one of the (big sports) yet last year had the most kids on the track in a very long time and in the last 8yrs or so has had a lot of success just last year 2 went to state and 10 at regionls.So lets do the right thing for all the sports.

  2. How is this project plan on being funded? Is there going to be another levy or has the ball teams and boosters raised all the money to proceed with the project? I also agree with Tiger All Sports Fan that the current fields are in good shape and the track is in disrepair. I believe it comes down to funds and we shouldn’t be building something new if the current fields are in working order and if there isn’t money for it.

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