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Lucas County February Construction Update

For Immediate Release

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Updates are highlighted in bold and underlined


Interstate 75

I-75 Widening and Bridge Work 

Project 485-14/PID 77254

Through Spring 2019

Lane restrictions possible between I-475 and Lagrange Street


Through Spring 2019

• Pioneer Ln. between SR 120/Central Ave. and Jeep Pkwy. interchange closed

Detour: Willys Pkwy.; Berdan Ave.; Jeep Pkwy.; Central Ave.


Interstate 75

Pavement Widening and Bridge Work

Project 277-18/PID 93594

Through Fall 2023

Lane restrictions possible on I-75 between South Ave. and Monroe St. for major reconstruction

Nightly ramp and lane closures possible on I-75 between Monroe St. and South Ave.


Through May

  • Ramp closed from South Ave. to northbound I-75
    Detour: South Ave.; Southbound I-75; Miami St.; Northbound I-75


Through November

  • Dorr St. bridge closed between Division St. and Washington St.
    Detour: 17th St.; Monroe St.; Collingwood Blvd.; Dorr St.
  • Ramp closed from northbound I-75 to Collingwood Blvd.
    Detour: Northbound I-75; SR 25/Downtown; Erie St.


Through summer 2020

  • Ramp closed from Collingwood Blvd. to southbound I-75
    Detour: Collingwood Blvd.; Erie St.; Washington St.; SR 25; Southbound I-75
  • Emerald Ave. and Segur Ave. under I-75 closed. Seek alternate route.


Interstate 75

Indiana Avenue Bridge Replacement

Project 8010-17/PID 86926

Through July

Indiana Ave. over I-75 closed to through traffic

Ramp from southbound I-75 to Washington St./Downtown (Exit 202A) reduced to one lane

7pm-6am: Lane restrictions on I-75 possible between Dorr St. and Nebraska Ave.

Pedestrian access maintained on Indiana Ave.


Sunday, March 25 through Thursday, March 28, nightly 8pm to 6am

Lane restrictions and rolling road blocks possible for bridge work


Monday, March 25, 9pm to 6am

Ramp from southbound I-75 to Washington St./Downtown (Exit 202A) closed

Detour: Collingwood Blvd. (Exit 202B); Monroe St.


Tuesday, March 26, 9pm to 6am

Ramp from Anthony Wayne Trail to northbound I-75 closed

Detour: Washington St. ; northbound I-75

I 475 

Interstate 475

Interstate 475/US 24 Interchange Improvement

Project 93-19/PID 103739

Monday, April 15 through October

Ramp from southbound I-475 to westbound US 24 (Exit 4B) will be closed for ramp realignment

Detour: Eastbound US 24 (Exit 4A); northbound I-475 (Exit 68B); westbound US 24 (Exit 4B)

Additional lane restrictions possible

Interstate 75, 280 & 475

Interstate Maintenance Work

Project 1048-18/PID 108630

Through March

Lane restrictions possible


Thursday, March 21, and Monday, March 25, nightly 8pm to 6am

Lane restrictions on southbound I-475 at Dorr St. for bridge deck repair


Friday, March 22, 8pm to 9am

Lane restrictions on southbound I-475 at Hill Ave. and Dorr St. for bridge repair


Monday, March 25 through Wednesday, March 27, nightly 8pm to 6am

Lane restrictions on northbound I-475 at Hill Ave. and Dorr St. for bridge repair


US 24 

US Route 24

Turn Lane Modifications

Project 63-18/PID 100995

Through April

Lane restrictions possible at the intersection of US 24 and Monclova Rd. for signal and pole installation

US 24 

US Route 24

Shoulder Berming

Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29, daily 7:30am to 4pm

Lane restrictions possible on US 24 between Fallen Timbers Ln. (Exit 67) and Henry County line

state route 2 SR 2 

State Route 2/Anthony Wayne High Level Bridge

Bridge Dehumidification Project

Project 3001-18/PID 101556

Through June 2020

Lane restrictions possible between Broadway St. and Clark St.

state route 2 SR 2 

State Route 2

Traffic Signal Replacement

Project 33-19/PID 101148

Through December

Lane restrictions possible on SR 2/Airport Hwy. near Holloway Rd.

SR 25 

State Route 25/Anthony Wayne Trail

Bridge Replacement

Project 142-18/PID 85266

Through summer 2020

Lane restrictions on SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail between Western Ave. and Collingwood Blvd.


Until further notice

Inbound SR 25 reduced to one, 11-foot lane

Outbound SR 25 remains two lanes


Through October

Emerald Ave. closed between Vinton St. and SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail and City Park Ave. closed between Greene St. and SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail

Seek alternate route

Additional lane restrictions may be announced

SR 64 

State Route 64

Waterville Bridge Replacement
Project 567-17/PID 92088

Through September 2020

Lane restrictions possible


Wednesday, March 27, 7pm to 6am

Waterville bridge over Maumee River closed for deck pouring of new bridge

Detour: SR 65; SR 295; US 24


One weekend closure in 2019 (dates TBA)

Memorial Park remains closed through October 2020

SR 184 

State Route 184

Resurfacing & Drainage Work

Project 262-18/PID 99662

Monday, April 1 through May

Lane restrictions on SR 184/Alexis Rd. between Acres Rd. and Flanders Rd.

SR 184 

State Route 184

Traffic Signal Replacement

Project 33-19/PID 101148

Through December

Lane restrictions possible on SR 184/Alexis Rd. near Whiteford Rd.

SR 295 

State Route 295

Bridge Painting

Project 553-18/PID 102923

Through September

Lane restrictions possible on SR 295 in Grand Rapids for bridge painting preparation work

Various Routes District-wide

Guardrail & Electrical Maintenance

Projects 1052-17, 1050-18 & 1059-17/PIDs 103414, 103373, 106115

Through December

Lane restrictions are possible district-wide

**All work is weather permitting.**


For more information contact: 

The District Two Public Information Office at

(419) 373-4428
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