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ODOT – Lucas Co. Update

Lucas County Weekly Construction Update

Friday, April 26, 2019

Updates are highlighted in bold and underlined


Interstate 75

I-75 Widening and Bridge Work

Project 485-14/PID 77254

Through Spring 2019

Lane restrictions possible between I-475 and Lagrange Street

Paving for southbound I-75 has been postponed due to weather. Lane restrictions and ramp closures will be announced.

Through Spring 2019

Pioneer Ln. between SR 120/Central Ave. and Jeep Pkwy. interchange closed

Detour: Willys Pkwy.; Berdan Ave.; Jeep Pkwy.; Central Ave.


Interstate 75

Pavement Widening and Bridge Work

Project 277-18/PID 93594

Through Fall 2023

Lane restrictions possible on I-75 between South Ave. and Monroe St. for major reconstruction

Nightly ramp and lane closures possible on I-75 between Monroe St. and South Ave.

Through Friday, April 26, nightly 9pm to 6am

  • Ramp closed from southbound I-75 to Washington St./Downtown (Exit 202A) for Dorr St. bridge beam setting
    Detour: Collingwood Blvd. (Exit 202B); Erie St.; Washington Ave.
  • Ramp closed from Washington St. to northbound I-75 for Dorr St. bridge beam setting
    Detour: Washington St.; Collingwood Blvd.; northbound I-75

Through Saturday, April 27

  • Collingwood Blvd. under I-75, between Sunrise ramp and Erie St. will be closed for pipe installation
    Detour: Erie St.; Nebraska Ave.

Through May

  • Ramp closed from South Ave. to northbound I-75
    Detour: South Ave.; Southbound I-75; Miami St.; Northbound I-75

Through November

  • Dorr St. bridge closed between Division St. and Washington St.
    Detour: 17th St.; Monroe St.; Collingwood Blvd.; Dorr St.
  • Ramp closed from northbound I-75 to Collingwood Blvd.
    Detour: Northbound I-75; SR 25/Downtown; Erie St.

Through summer 2020

  • Ramp closed from Collingwood Blvd. to southbound I-75
    Detour: Collingwood Blvd.; Erie St.; Washington St.; SR 25; Southbound I-75
  • Emerald Ave. and Segur Ave. under I-75 closed. Seek alternate route.


Interstate 75

Indiana Avenue Bridge Replacement

Project 8010-17/PID 86926

Through July

Indiana Ave. over I-75 closed to through traffic

Ramp from southbound I-75 to Washington St./Downtown (Exit 202A) reduced to one lane

7pm-6am: Lane restrictions on I-75 possible between Dorr St. and Nebraska Ave.

Pedestrian access maintained on Indiana Ave.


Interstate 280

Drain cleaning and Sweeping

Through Friday, April 26

Lane restrictions possible on I-280 between Greenbelt Pkwy. and Starr Ave.

Short-term ramp closures possible

I 475

Interstate 475

Interstate 475/US 24 Interchange Improvement

Project 93-19/PID 103739

Through October

Ramp from southbound I-475 to westbound US 24 (Exit 4B) will be closed for ramp realignment

Detour: Eastbound US 24 (Exit 4A); northbound I-475 (Exit 68B); westbound US 24 (Exit 4B)

Additional lane restrictions possible

US 24

US Route 24

Turn Lane Modifications

Project 63-18/PID 100995

Through April

Lane restrictions possible at the intersection of US 24 and Monclova Rd. for signal and pole installation

state route 2 SR 2

State Route 2/Anthony Wayne High Level Bridge

Bridge Dehumidification Project

Project 3001-18/PID 101556

Through June 2020

Lane restrictions possible between Broadway St. and Clark St.

state route 2 SR 2

State Route 2

Traffic Signal Replacement

Project 33-19/PID 101148

Through December

Lane restrictions possible on SR 2/Airport Hwy. near Holloway Rd.

SR 25

State Route 25/Anthony Wayne Trail

Bridge Replacement

Project 142-18/PID 85266

Through summer 2020

Lane restrictions on SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail between Western Ave. and Collingwood Blvd.

Until further notice

Inbound SR 25 reduced to one, 11-foot lane

Outbound SR 25 remains two lanes

Through October

Emerald Ave. closed between Vinton St. and SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail and City Park Ave. closed between Greene St. and SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail

Seek alternate route

Additional lane restrictions may be announced

SR 64

State Route 64

Waterville Bridge Replacement
Project 567-17/PID 92088

Through September 2020

Lane restrictions possible

Friday, May 3, 7pm to 6am

Waterville Bridge will close for bridge deck pour

Detour: SR 65; SR 295; US 24

One weekend closure in 2019 (dates TBA)

Memorial Park remains closed through October 2020

SR 184

State Route 184

Resurfacing & Drainage Work

Project 262-18/PID 99662

Through May

Lane restrictions on SR 184/Alexis Rd. between Acres Rd. and Flanders Rd.

SR 184

State Route 184

Traffic Signal Replacement

Project 33-19/PID 101148

Through December

Lane restrictions possible on SR 184/Alexis Rd. near Whiteford Rd.

SR 295

State Route 295

Bridge Painting

Project 553-18/PID 102923

Through September

Lane restrictions possible on SR 295 in Grand Rapids for bridge painting preparation work

Various Routes District-wide

Guardrail & Electrical Maintenance

Projects 1052-17, 1050-18 & 1059-17/PIDs 103414, 103373, 106115

Through December

Lane restrictions are possible district-wide

**All work is weather permitting.**

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