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COLUMBUS – Winter weather is here. Annually, the Ohio Department of Transportation makes final preparations to ensure equipment and employees are ready for whatever Old Man Winter throws our way.

Each of ODOT’s 1,629 trucks received a 150-point check as part of annual county-by-county Operational Readiness Inspections. This gave ODOT’s 273 mechanics a chance to identify any equipment issues and make necessary repairs before the snow began to fall.

“When people think of ODOT, one of the first things they think of is our ability to clear snow and ice from the road,” said ODOT Director Jerry Wray. “It’s a job we take very seriously because we know it is vital to making sure people and goods can safely reach their destination.”

ODOT’s goal is to have primary routes back up to speed within two hours of the end of a storm. It’s a goal that ODOT crews met 97 percent of the time last winter.

Auto Tech Ryan McClure inspects the snow plow truck with HT3 Richard Bame; truck driven by HT3 Brandon Conine​

This past winter was one of the busiest for ODOT with crews spending more than 1.1 million hours battling snow and ice. Snow plow trucks were driven 10,563,562 miles – that’s like 22 trips to the Moon and back. ODOT used 954,215 tons of salt and 14,532,254 gallons of liquid deicers to treat 43,479 lane miles of roadway.

Please be sure to give our drivers plenty of room to work. Plow trucks typically move much slower than other traffic, so be extra alert when driving near them. Last winter, our trucks were struck 64 times.

The newly redesigned OHGO.com allows you to see real-time travel conditions with more than 600 traffic cameras, weather sensors, and traffic alerts. You can also receive customized traffic alerts with the OHGO app for Android devices and the iPhone.

View photos from District 2 here.

View photos from District 1 here. Click “view properties” for cutline information.

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