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Official Minutes from Village Council Special Meeting

Here are the Minutes from the special Village Council meeting held on June 2, 2020 for the purpose of appointing a new council member to fill the vacant seat.



Tuesday June 2, 2020

6:15 PM



  1. Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Roll Call


Mayor Janet Goldner-Here, Tim Engard -Here, Mike Julien- Here, Aaron Patterson-Here, Mike Soltis- Here, Leisa Zeigler-Here

Clerk Kathi Bucher- Present, Legal Counsel-Joel Kuhlman-Present


III.             Filling the vacancy of Council caused by the resignation of Matt Beegle

             from Council effective 6-1-2020.  The appointment is to fill the unexpired

             term ending 12-31-2021.   Three (3) citizens have expressed interest and met the

             deadline for the application process.  They are Bill Cook, Don Hendren, and Jim



  1. Nominations – Council Members may nominate one or all three of the candidates for the position.


Council Member __Patterson____________ nominates ____Bill Cooke___________ to fill

the vacancy.  Second by _Soltis______.


Council Member ___Zeigler_____ nominates __Jim Thompson____ to fill

the vacancy.  Second by _Julien_____.


Council Member ____________________ nominates _______________ to fill

the vacancy.  Second by ____________.



  1. The Vote – The first candidate who receives a majority vote shall be selected to fill the position.


                        Candidate ___Bill Cook_______ Yes __3_______ No ___2____


                        Candidate __________________ Yes _________  No ________


                        Candidate __________________ Yes _________  No ________


IV.             Oath of Office for Council Member _____Bill Cook______


V.                Old Business

Mr. Patterson is requesting the topics of parks and cemeteries be added to this meeting.

Public Works- started to mow but there was a lot of water.

Mon/Tues- Park; Wed- Cemetery; mowing and weeding needs done, pile of bricks, stone finally moved, complaints on media- too wet! Mr. Julien mentioned that the old cemetery needs some attention, looked bad for Memorial Day. Headstones moved-contact the family. But into budget next year for maintaining headstones and footers. 


COTW- have chiefs there for complaints


Parks- skate park and frisbee golf are open- Mayor’s decision to keep the Park closed. Powell’s is open. Leave up to the parent to decide. Water on at the Park. No water at the cemetery as there is a broken line they are working on finding.

Change hours at the Park?- dawn to dusk?


Mr. Patterson asked for his Ordinance book. It’s in the office. Also, to have a special meeting at COTW to open park.


VI.             Adjournment   


Mr. Patterson made a motion to adjourn at 7:31. Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.

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