North Baltimore, Ohio

June 4, 2023 8:08 pm

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Ohio Auditor conducting Special Audit at NB Village

According to North Baltimore Village Administrator, Donna Dettling, the Ohio State Auditor has formally notified the Village of North Baltimore that the Auditor of the State is initiating a Special Audit.

According to Dettling’s Dec. 16 Report, “at this time we have no evidence that funds are missing; and this audit is a result of proactive steps being taken to improve the handling of deposits, when concerns were discovered during staff training with the Local Government Services Section.  An Entrance Conference is scheduled with the Auditor of the State and during this conference we will receive an estimate of the how long they believe the audit will take and how much it will cost.  At a future meeting; Council will be presented with legislation to enter into an agreement with the Auditor of the State to complete the audit. “

One Response

  1. Hopefully the citizens will actually hear what is found. I have talked with a couple village workers who have said that they don’t get paid overtime and instead they have to take it as straight time. The village has denied doing this for years. Hopefully somehow the audit can find out that this has been going on and get the village workers the pay that they have worked for. I’m pretty sure that things are changing for good with this new administrator. Glad she is here to clean up this mess.

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