North Baltimore, Ohio

August 11, 2022 4:51 pm


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Ohio Spirits Program coming to NB Public Library

The North Baltimore Public Library welcomes, Jim Kleefeld, on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 6:30 pm.  Jim will be performing, Ohio Spirits – a 60-minute collection of stories and legends taken from non-fiction accounts of ghostly investigations and haunted happenings. Jim tells tales of spirits who supposedly haunt the Mansfield Reformatory, Franklin Castle, Concord Cemetery and more.

Ohio Spirits is a presentation young adults and adults will love. Due to the spooky program content, no one younger than 5th graders may attend.

Jim brings a collection of ghostly and unusual artifacts and will try to initiate contact with spirits. Teens will see strange artifacts, learn about spiritualist powers and hear stories of maddeningly scary events.

Does a wooden toy box hold the spirit of a young boy who died mysteriously?

Can a man return from the dead through a photograph?

Will an old woman ring a bell long after she has died?

Can people who have passed on leave messages for the living?

Ghostly Tales of Haunted Places – a fascinating look into legends of the spirit world in Ohio. Hear stories, see displays, investigate phenomena, discover books and research from locations well-documented as having a link with the dead. Jim includes many references to the books, papers and online research he has used while investigating ghosts right here in Ohio.
Jim Kleefeld, of Avon, Ohio, is a veteran teacher and performer at numerous schools and libraries across Ohio.  For more information, visit his website –

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