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Pack 372 November Happenings Newsletter

Pack 372 November Happenings Newsletter

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

During the month of November, Pack 372 had some very busy boys. Our scouts completed a service project, gathering all of the flags from Old and New Maplewood cemeteries. New ones will replace the worn flags this spring. The day was chilly, but several entire families showed up to make quick work of the project.

The Tigers toured our North Baltimore Police and Fire Departments. They created birdhouse ornaments and took a “one foot hike” outside near the scout house. They investigated a tiny area very closely to see what creatures and plants were living there.

The Wolf den visited the Wood County Sheriff’s Department and was able to tour the facility. During November, the boys enjoyed a guest that came and demonstrated sign language. The wolves learned how to sign several animals, letters, and numbers.

Bears continued some fitness testing. It was amazing to see such tiny, tiny, arms doing dozens more push ups than I could. Seriously. Nice job, guys. They learned bike safety, and explored family history by completing their family trees. There were lots of great discussions regarding grandparents’ nicknames. It seems that lots of people “back in the day” went by any name other than the one they were actually given. They will also be doing a tour of our own PD in December.

The Webelos One boys spent November working on headbands and “touch and feel” books, and donated supplies to the Filling Home in Napoleon as part of the “Aware and Care” elective. Money was donated by Thrivent to cover the costs of the bands and books, and the remainder was used to purchase products off of the Filling Home’s needs’ list. A guest speaker discussed with the Webelos One group about what it entails to care for people with developmental disabilities. Several family activities are being planned for December including a “Family Day.”

Finally, for our final group, Webelos Two, November was full of activity. They have been attempting to squeeze in as many electives as possible before the March crossover into Boy Scouts. They learned about scouting and patrols from Alex Trout, a Boy Scout in Troop 315. Webelos Two set up a patrol and voted for leadership similar to how a troop would. Alex also taught them about knife safety and knot tying. The Webelos are learning about scout history and are still hopeful about fitting in a little camping.

December is already beginning to be a month full of bustle. And bowling…but you’ll have to wait until next month for more. Let’s just say that I bowled a not quite respectable 43. (But without bumpers! So, that is something, right?) Until next month!


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