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September 25, 2022 9:57 am


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Pack 372’s Fundraiser is Poppin


Pack 372’s Fundraiser is Poppin
Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

“OOH that is poppin.” What is “poppin” you may ask? Well, as usual, when one of my sons says
a word that isn’t in my sweet boomer vocabulary, I ask one of my remaining sons. “Good, mom.
It means good.”  So, this fundraiser is poppin times two.

Pack 372 is currently kicking off their annual popcorn fundraiser that will continue through
October 31st. This helps to fund their reward patches, camps, family events, and some of those
special activities like the annual Pinewood Derby. And what do you have to do to help out? Just
eat some popcorn.

It is so delicious that I buy some even though my kids are no longer cubs. We love it. We buy it
for tailgating, as birthday or Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts, or just for a family movie night.
If you are a salty person, there is butter microwave or cheddar cheese. Maybe you are more of
a spicy person? There are options for you as well with “Jalapeno cheese” or “Cajun crunch.”  Or
perhaps you consider yourself more sweet than spicy? That’s ok too. You can pick up some
“kettle corn”, “caramel corn”, or “Chocolate lovers,” or my personal favorite “Mud puddles” which
is caramel, fudge and crushed peanuts. You can’t go wrong.

But now  you have read this article and you want it in your belly this minute? I get that. Luckily,
you can too. There will be multiple pick ups for your favorite scout to bring you these delicious
treats even before the end of the fundraiser.

Don’t know any scouts personally? Not a problem! Contact Cub Master Eric Trout at (419) 262-
3967. He will send a cub your way or make sure you are able to place your order. Call now!

Don’t delay. Your favorite spicy, sweet, or salty snack is just a call away.

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