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West Branch Commerce Park Site Receives CSX Select Site Designation

CSX today announced that a portion of the West Branch Commerce Park in Berkeley County, South Carolina has been designated a CSX Select Site.

Select Sites are development-ready properties along the CSX network where standard land use issues and comprehensive due diligence items have been previously addressed. These properties are pre-positioned to meet manufacturers’ needs, which significantly reduces the time required to construct facilities and ultimately bring products to market.

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ODOT District Two Weekly Construction Update – Nov. 19

Please pay attention to what you are doing at all times when you are driving! It’s not just about YOU! There are others on the roads who have loved ones to see and jobs to do. Don’t make for unnecessary delays or worse with your selfish desires (speed, talking or texting on the phone, eye contact with a passenger, using your hands to talk instead of drive, eating, reaching, smoking, arguing, kissing…. you get the idea!) ~ JP Miklovic

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