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We’re All In the Same Boat!

Pastor Ralph J. Mineo, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

There’s a story of a shipwrecked sailor who had been alone on a deserted island for several years. One day he spied a ship on the horizon. He built a bonfire to catch the crew’s attention. Soon, a crewman arrived in a small rescue boat, carrying an armful of newspapers. “Read these,” he said to the sailor, “and decide whether or not you want to be rescued!”

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Lutheran Church News — St. Luke’s (NB) & St. John’s (McComb)

“The Tapestry of 2015” is Pastor Ralph Mineo’s sermon topic at St. John’s Lutheran Church in McComb on Sunday, January 4. The theme of worship will be an observance of “Epiphany,” the day the Christian Church celebrates the visit of the Magi from the East (traditionally celebrated January 6).

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