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Photo Gallery and List of Scholarships Awarded to NBHS Seniors

Here are some photos from the NBHS Senior Awards Assembly:

NBHS Guidance Counselor Mike Kipplen kicks off the afternoon
Senior Billy Trout stands to be recognized for PERFECT ATTENDANCE during his senior year. His classmates missed a total of 381 days.
Former NB Resident Greg Clark flew in from California to present the Robert Hesse Memorial Scholarship that is a one-time award in memory of the late Mr. Hesse.
Mr. Clark presented the $3500.00 award to Senior David Patterson.
Grace Rein receives an award from NBHS Principal Dr. Bob Falkenstein
NB Athletic Director Mrs. Sarah Bugner presents the Greg Conine Memorial award to NBHS freshman Mia McCartney. Bugner presented many other athletic awards that are listed elsewhere on theNBXpress
Bottom Row: Linda Clark Buchanan, Barb McCartney Hesse (widow of Robert Hesse) Monetta Jones Hesse(mother of the late Robert Hesse and one of NBHS’s oldest living Graduates-Class of 1942) Gary Hesse (brother), Cindy Rensch Hesse (sister-in-law) all attended the Senior Awards Assembly


North Baltimore High School
Class of 2018
Senior Scholarship Awards

Students receiving an Honors Diploma:
Madyson Aguinaga, Noah Cotterman, Matt Davis, Adam Flores, Kyle Gerdeman, Aaliyah Girdler, Julian Hagemyer, Gabriele Kepling, Marina Kimmel, David Patterson, Makenna Ray, Grace Rein, Hanna Rose, Tessa Shifflet

Madyson Aguinaga
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($3,500 per year) $14,000
Hugh & Barbara Smith Scholarship ($1,500 per year) 6,000
Thompson Working Families Scholarship ($5,000/year) 20,000

Valerie Buchanan
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($4,000/year) $16,000
Jorgen Larsen Scholastic Scholarship 1,500
NB Literary & Lyric Circle Award 250

Noah Cotterman
OSU Provest Scholarship ($2,500 per year) $10,000
OSU Cronewett Scholarship ($1,000 per year) 4,000 NB American Legion Post #539 1,000 Herringshaw Scholarship 1,989
NBEA Spirit Scholarship 500
VFW Post #9231 Scholarship 500

Matt Davis
Owens Tech Prep Scholarship ($1,000/year) $2,000

Damon Dotson
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($2,500/year) $10,000

Adam Flores
Heidelberg Dean’s Scholarship ($15,000/year) $60,000
Heidelberg University Scholarship ($5,500/year) 22,000

Kyle Gerdeman
UT Excellence Scholarship ($6,000/year) $24,000
Vectren Corporation Scholarship 3,000
Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award 1,500
Herringshaw Scholarship 1,989

Aaliyah Girdler
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($4,000/year) $16,000
Julian Hagemyer
Heidelberg Dean’s Scholarship ($15,000/year) $60,000
Heidelberg University Award ($1,000/year) 4,000
NB Rotary Scholarship 500

Gabriele Kepling
Gleaner Life Insurance Scholarship $3,000
OSU Scarlet & Gray Award 3,000
OSU President’s Affordability Award 2,250
Jorgen Larsen Scholastic Scholarship 1,500
NBHS Alumni Assn. Scholarship 750

Marina Kimmel
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($4,000/year) $16,000
Falcon Achievement Award ($2,000/year) 8,000
Huntington Bank Spitler Scholarship 600

David Patterson
WV Scholarship of Distinction ($15,000/ year) $60,000
WV Engineering Excellence Scholarship ($5,500/year) 22,000
NB American Legion Post #539 Scholarship 1,000
Robert Hesse Memorial Scholarship 3,500
NB Rotary Scholarship 500

Makenna Ray
NB Rotary Scholarship $1,000
NBHS Alumni Assn. Scholarship 750
Bates Recycling Scholarship 500

Grace Rein
Lourdes Presidential Scholarship ($8,000/ year) $32,000
Lourdes Community Award 2,000
Wolf and University Award 3,000
NB School Scholarship 500

Hanna Rose
OCC Board of Trustees Scholarship ($2,000/year) $4,000

Dominick Runyon
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($4,000/year) $16,000

Tessa Shifflet
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($4,000 per year) $16,000

Megan Smith
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($2,500/ year) $10,000
Falcon Outfitters Book Award 2,200

Nate Staley
OCC Board of Trustees Scholarship ($2,000/year) $4,000

Katelyn Weinandy
UF Deans Scholarship ($12,000/year) $48,000
UF Founders Scholarship ($2,000/year) 8,000
UF Awards ($4,000/year) 16,000

Hunter Wymer
BGSU Academic Scholarship ($4,000/year) $16,000
NB American Legion Post #539 Scholarship 1,000
VFW Post #9231 Scholarship 500

Kole Wymer
Adrian College Scholarship ($16,900/year) $67,600
Scholarship Day Award ($6,000/year) 24,000
VFW Post #9231 Scholarship 500

Total Scholarship Awards to the Class of 2018 $676,378

Congratulations to All!

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