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Photo Gallery: Lady Tiger Seniors Celebrate before Final Game at the Jungle

Senior Night! A tradition that has it’s moments of happiness and it’s moments of sadness, not only for the kids, but for their parents, too. I’d bet there are plenty of NB Tiger fans as well, that will also be sad to see this great group of ladies move on to adulthood. Thanks for the great Basketball Memories, Kelcie, Olivia, Emma, and Lacey.

Enjoy these Photos by Ferg:           (you can click on all the photos to ENLARGE them)

gbb Senior Night Beans
Kelcie Bean with her parents Becky and Randy Bean
gbb Senior Night Frosts
Olivia Frost with her parents Lisa and Greg Frost
gbb Senior Night Risters
Emma Rister with her parents Abbi and Chad Rister
gbb Senior Night Trumbulls
Lacey Trumbull with her parents Lisa and Troy Trumbull
gbb Senior Night GROUP
Congratulations on a Great Season!

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