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Photo Gallery ” Powell School February Fun”

A Mini Cheerleading event was held on February 6th at the Boys basketball game at NBHS. It was sponsored by the High School Cheerleaders, but involved Powell Students. They had such a great time. The other pictures were from the Jump Rope for Heart event held on February 10 at the school. Mr. Walls the phys. ed teacher coordinated the event which raised money for the Heart Association. The school raised more than $700 for the Association and had FUN! (Congrats, Powell students!)
powell Feb photo gallery 1
Mini Cheerleader- Madilyn Stufft(kindergarten)
powell Feb photo gallery 2
NB Mini Cheerleaders
powell Feb photo gallery 3
NB Mini Cheerleaders
powell Feb photo gallery 4
NB Mini Cheerleaders
powell Feb photo gallery 5
Jumprope for Heart Health– Jumpin Jack (Flash) Clark (grade 1)
powell Feb photo gallery 6
Mr. Delaney gets into the jump of things!
powell Feb photo gallery 7
Jump for Heart Health– Dillon Blosser (grade 4)


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