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January 17, 2022 12:12 pm


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Poetry Contest Winners proclaimed in a countywide event entitled, “Powerful You”

Bowling Green, OH (April 28, 2017) –The Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc. held its twelfth annual poetry banquet and drew in fifteen entries from all over Wood County. The theme this year was “Powerful You.” The poems reflected the individual’s personal feelings about power, having it, or the lack thereof. We were looking for poetry that, in some way, shows the scope of power of members of Wood County citizens as they continued to live their lives.

A celebration for the entries and recognition of the winners took place on Monday, April 24 at 4 p.m. at the Wood County Senior Center. The declared winner was Marilyn Lott, author of “Family.” The second place winner was Patti Brown from Bowling Green, Ohio with her poem entitled, “Numbers Have Power.”

When asked about judging the Poetry Contest, Bowling Green State University General Studies Writing Instructor Chad Michael Van Buskirk commented, “Judging the poetry contest was a wonderful opportunity to engage with the fascinating and meaningful experiences and insights of our community’s older adults. The pieces submitted remind us that thoughts of memory, desire, loss, and resilience are perennial. Reviewing the submissions is always an enjoyable, enlightening process.”

The Wood County Committee on Aging would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the entries for their contributions to the contest. The contest committee would like to extend a special thank you to Bowling Green State University for assisting with the judging of the entries. To read the winning poems visit our blog at 

Editor’s note: We are posting the First place and Second place winning entries here for you to enjoy, also an entry that came from North Baltimore resident Larry Slaughterbeck.


By: Marilyn Lott


What’s in Joy????Who’s Scared????What’s in Anger????What’s Fear????
Happiness and friendsNervous and curiousScreams of tearsSadness, Confusion????
Thoughts bubbling highWonders fill the mindsCries of a hurt heartA big bubble of what????
Because in my sisters joybecausebecauseBut
I see her fun.My sister is scaredIn my brother’s angerIn my cat’s fear
In my sisters joyI see her cries.I see red.I see a dash.
I feel happy.My sister is scaredIn my brother’s angerIn my cat’s fear
In my sisters joyShe feels trapped.I hear “mom!!!!”I hear the meow.
I touch her fear.My sister is scaredIn my brother’s angerIn my cat’s fear
In my sisters joyI touch sister power.I touch tears.I touch the scared ball
I taste her love.My sister is scaredIn my brother’s angerof fluffiness.
In my sisters joyI hear the butterfliesI feel sad.In my cat’s fear
I smell that she will alwaysin her stomachIn my brother’s angerI taste the love.
Be my sister.My sister is scaredI smell that in different
I smellways
Nervousness!!!!Will always smell Joy.
Who knows whatWhat’s happiness???When you think of love
excitement is????Joy and loveWhat do you think
Happy??? Joy???Playing with friendsof????
Wonders of excitementbecauseSadness, Cuteness
becauseIn my mom’s happinessYour Mom or Dad?
In my dad’s excitementI feel great.In my love I have my
I see a tractorIn my mom’s happinessFamily.
Waiting for him.I see a smile.Who do you love???
In my dad’s excitementIn my mom’s happiness
I hear “Brilliant!”I touch our relationship.
In my dad’s excitementIn my mom’s happiness
I taste our love.I smell something good
In my dad’s excitementbaking
I smell we’rein the oven.
Never going
To be apart.

Numbers Have Power

By Pattie Brown


When I look in the mirror I see seventy-four staring back at me.

Time seems to move faster with each passing day.

My quick motion has been replaced with a slow pace.

I no longer worry about things I can’t control.

Laughter comes easier when I don’t take life too serious.

I can now laugh when my moth disconnects with my mind.

I see my gray hair, sagging skin, dark spots and wrinkles

as my rewards for living a productive life.

With each passing year I have acquired more understanding,

compassion and patience for who I am.

I wake up each morning grateful I still have the motivation

and discipline to meditate and exercise daily.

As my number increases I will continue to live, give, love

and laugh as long as my journey endures.




By Larry E. Slaughterbeck

In our small town

She was known as an old maid.

Early in the twentieth century

She was known as the prettiest girl

In our small town.

AS the cascading years followed her youth

Her siblings married and raised families

She cared for her elderly parents and babysat

In our small town.

Every Sunday she would be found in the last row of church

Where she was baptized and confirmed as a child

She would bake beans for funeral dinners

On Sunday mornings arrive as the opening hymn was sung

And every Sunday quietly place three quarters in the offering plate

Leave as the closing hymn was sung.

Adorned in a dress she had sewn and later buried in

In our small town.

Then only last Sunday in the offering place,

Beneath the offering envelopes

Lay three quarters.

The scripture lesson that Sunday spoke of another Sarah.

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