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Powell 1st Nine Weeks attendance & grade honors

One of the goals at Powell Elementary School during the 2014-2015 school year is to recognize student achievement. At the end of each nine weeks students will be recognized for perfect attendance school wide.
FullSizeRender1all studentsvarious students 4various students 3various students 2various studentsZach Weinandy
Mr. Lockwood, dressed in his tuxedo, went to each room and presented those students who had perfect attendance a certificate.
We know that when students are in school they learn more.
This year we will also be recognizing students in grades 4-6 who get all A’s or all A’s and B’s. Those students who accomplished this for the 1st nine weeks were invited to sit at a special table at lunch on Thursday, November 6, 2014, where they received a special place mat certificate, an honor roll necklace and pencil, plus a special book bag.
Mr. Lockwood served the children with an ice cream treat. These students were also applauded for their accomplishment by their peers. We are very proud of these students and know they will continue their efforts in learning.

1 st Nine Weeks
“A” TEAM (all A’s)
Garrett Ziegler
Olivia Matthes
Grace Hagemyer
Emma Cotterman
Lucy Trout
Honor Roll (A’s and B’s)
Conner Boyer
Jordan Coup
Gage McGee
Breanna Kreais
Libbie Bowen
Halie Inbody
Isaiah Boyd
Caitlin Schwartz
Leia Thomas
Brendon Woodward
Brock Baltz
Mitch Clark
Caeli Empcke
Johnny Hagemyer
Grace Knitz
Caiden Phillips
Dominic Sheets
Maddy Westgate
Zach Weinandy

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