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May 18, 2024 12:28 pm

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UPDATED – Powell Elementary 3rd quarter 2015 Academic Awards List

North Baltimore Powell Elementary 3rd quarter 2015 Academic Awards List (UPDATED March 25)

4th Grade

BUGS (BUGS means students brought up their grades significantly< but did not make Honor Roll)
Kadence Reinhart
Morgan Spence
Jerad Suman

A/B Honor Roll
Libbie Bowen
Gaige DeWitt
Mackenzie Helbling
Owen Joohnson
Austin Leeper
Gage McGee
Cara Phillips
Conner Boyer
Jordan Coup
Haylie Downs
Lydia Feehan
Aubree Hanes

All A’s
Austin Delgado
Garrett Ziegler
Alivia DeLancy
Kylie Grilliot
Kaitlyn Kelley
Ariana Loera
Elijah Moody

5th Grade

Aaneqa Williams

A/B Honor Roll
Kaitlynn Grant
Charles Grilliot
Halie Inbody
Daltin Oberley
Gunner Kepliing
Isabel Rhinehart
Meredith Buchanan
Mitch Clark
Johnny Hagemyer
Laura Keegan
Heidi Lundy
Caitlin Schwartz
Caiden Phillips
Dominic Sheeks
Maddy Westgate
Brock Baltz
Cailtin Schwartz
Brendon Woodward
Isaiah Boyd
Casey Mowery

All A’s

Grace Hagemyer
Olivia Matthes
Caeli Empcke
Grace Knitz
Lucy Trout
Leia Thomas
Emma Cotterman

6th Grade

Andrew McEwen
Jonathan Patterson
Sophia Makaravage
Josh Bridge

A/B Honor Roll
Hunter Baker
Aidan Houck
Mia McCartney
Meghan Thompson
Rylee Ramsey
Zach Weinandy
Mali Combs
Johnnie Hernandez
Hannah Showalter

All A’s
Jessie Zheng

We are really proud of all of these students and their efforts!

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